Iranian petrol smuggling to Pakistan goes unchecked

Iranian petrol smuggling to Pakistan goes unchecked

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Iranian petrol smuggling to Pakistan goes unchecked: The struggling economy of Pakistan, the record inflation level, and poor management in almost every sphere of life by the government functionaries have made the lives of common citizens miserable and at the same time petrol smuggling to Pakistan from Iranian borders goes unchecked.

The petrol or fuel smuggling is done in broad daylight and it reaches to its destinations in major cities of Pakistan especially to Karachi where it is sold in makeshifts markets and smugglers and their accomplices have become billionaire due to courtesy to this illegal trade.

Recently renowned journalist Saleem Safi in tweet shared a picture of convoy of vehicles which is carrying Iranian petrol and which is getting smuggled to Pakistan. Dozens of vehicles are loaded with petrol drums could be seen in this picture.

Safi maintained in this tweet that in Pakistan, where Iranian petrol is being smuggled in this way (openly), how will the arrival of militants from Afghanistan can be stopped?

He further stated: “Is this Pakistan or Samgalistan?  Have some fear of God and have mercy on the Pakistani nation. Will you never go to your grave?”

Recently and in the past there have been reports of petrol smuggling from Iran to Pakistan. Iran is known to have lower fuel prices due to government subsidies, while Pakistan experiences higher fuel prices due to various factors, including taxes and international market prices. This disparity in fuel prices creates an incentive for smuggling petroleum products from Iran into Pakistan.

Fuel smuggling across the Iran-Pakistan border has been a longstanding issue and has been a challenge for both countries to address. Smugglers use various methods to transport fuel illegally, such as using hidden compartments in vehicles, pipelines, and even donkeys to transport small quantities.

The smuggling not only results in financial losses for the governments but also poses security and environmental risks. Smugglers often engage in illegal activities and evade customs and border control, which can lead to increased law enforcement efforts to curb the illegal trade.

It is a known fact that Iran and Pakistan share a long border, and there have been historical concerns about cross-border smuggling, including petroleum products.

Smuggling operations often involve illegal transportation of goods across borders to avoid taxes, duties, or regulations.

The smuggling is a criminal activity and is condemned by international law and the governments of both Iran and Pakistan. Such activities can lead to serious legal consequences for those involved.




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