Innocent entrepreneur doing business at footpath

[wp_ad_camp_1] Innocent entrepreneur doing business at footpath in front of Empress Market

By Chronicler


An innocent entrepreneur has started her business at the footpath in front of Empress Market Karachi.

Hardly seven years old this young girl has established her tinny entrepreneurship and started selling the art of dry fruits in small plastic bags.

She hasn’t become expert yet in dealing with customers as she gives smile whenever someone inquires from her about the price of commodities placed in small plastic bags in front of her.

When this blogger attempted to take picture of her she very shyly turned away her face from the camera. However, later on she looked into the camera when some other people who happened to be around there also requested her to give pose for a better view of her face expressions.

Since everything in and outside Empress Market is about doing business, the mother of this child who was sitting a few yards away from her asked for payment for capturing her photo.

“Give her some money for taking her picture. She would need money for purchasing cup of tea or some other refreshment,” the woman stated.

Women who are believed to be part of some gypsy tribe have been selling their merchandise on footpath in front of the Empress Market for the past several decades.

These businesswomen generally deal in dry fruits of several kinds including almonds, figs, dates and so many others. They also sell items which are used in manufacturing of eastern medicines.

These women do their business from morning to evening every day at this place along with their children.  The children use this place as plying area till they reach the age of little bit maturity and they are able to sell goods. There are no arrangements for schooling of these kids and there seems to be no will on the part of parents in this connection.






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