Indian Government cancels its pilgrims’ tour to Pakistan

Indian Government cancels its pilgrims’ tour to Pakistan

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Pakistani government was fully ready to entertain 200 Hindu pilgrims from India but the Indian government has cancelled this tour due to reasons unknown.

Arrangements for these Hindu pilgrims had already been made by the authorities concerned to entertain them in the best possible manner but these arraignments went in vain after cancellation of this religious tour by India, sources told this scribe.

Around 200 Hindu pilgrims from India were supposed to visit Pakistan from December 23 to December 29, 2020.

These pilgrims were supposed to visit Katas Raj Temples in District Chakwal to celebrate Mokshda EKadashi and to take part in pujja at the temples.

Mokshada Ekadashi is an auspicious Hindu holy day which falls on the 11th lunar day (ekadashi) of the fortnight of the waxing moon in the Hindu month of Margashirsha (Agrahayana).

As the name itself indicates, Mokshada Ekadashi is a highly noted day for Hindus which is dedicated to worship of Lord Vishnu. The Ekadashi is celebrated on the same day as Gita Jayanti.

These Yatris or pilgrims were scheduled to cross Wagah Border on December 23, 2020 on foot and stay at Lahore on the same day.

Later on very next day on December 24, they were supposed to depart Lahore by road to Sharee Katas Raj Temples which are located in District Chakwal.

The Shri Katas Raj Temples also known as Qila Katas is a complex of several Hindu temples connected to one another by walkways. The temple complex surrounds a pond named Katas which is regarded as sacred by Hindus. The complex is located in the Potohar Plateau region of Pakistan’s Punjab province. The temples are located near the town of Choa Saidanshah, and are near the M2 Motorway

According to the official schedule these pilgrims were supposed to stay over there in Chakwal on the same day. On next day they were supposed to take part in the main function and on December 26 they were scheduled to depart from Chakwal to Lahore.

These pilgrims were supposed to take part in celebration of Utsav of Shree Lav ki Samadhi at Lahore Fort besides visiting historical places and markets for shopping in Lahore.

On December 29, after their seven-day tour they were supposed to leave Pakistan for India via Wagah Border.

However, authorities concerned in Pakistan were informed on Wednesday that this religious tour of pilgrims have been cancelled by the Indian government and they wouldn’t be visiting Pakistan.

Pakistan and India relations are generally plagued by hostility and suspicion on account of Kashmir Dispute and due to some other reasons.

Pakistan by allowing these pilgrims to enter into its territory had hinted that it wants to normalize the relationship with India. However, this effort has also been wasted by the Indian authorities by not allowing their pilgrims to enter into Pakistan to participate in their religious ceremonies.


Image of Schedule of Indian Pilgrims tour to Pakistan


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