India violates Pakistan’s airspace

India claims eliminating 300 JeM terrorists while Pakistan acknowledges decimation of 5 pine trees. Who says truth is the first casualty in war

Pak Chronicle Report


Indian fighter jets violated Pakistan’s airspace on Tuesday and caused the causalities to some flora in village Jaba of Balakot by dropping payload in jungle of pine trees.

Payload picture which was dropped by an Indian jet in a village of Balakot


There were no reports of any human causality in the area and no dead or injured person was taken to any hospital as a result of this airfield violation by India.

Even this damage of trees, mostly pine trees was caused as a result of dropping of payload by an Indian jet in the area. It only caused damage to a mud-house which was adjacent to the point of impact and a man got a few scratches on his face.

According to some local residents even there was no bombardment by the Indian fighter jets as being claimed India.

“Locals were having sleep during early in the morning at 3am to 3:30am when they were awakened by heavy sounds of fighter jets in the airspace. However, there was no bombardment in the area,” stated a resident who declined to be named. These people lost their sleep and some pine trees due to airspace violation made by the jets of India Air Force, he added.

According Pak Chronicle own investigation into this incident there was no emergency like situation in the entire. People were busy in their routine life while hospitals were also functioning as they generally do in normal days. There was no high alert of any sort in the entire area.  Moreover, there were no reports of any sort of human causality. No   injured or dead person was taken to any nearby hospitals of the area.

This is pertinent to mention here that Ayub Medical Complex, is the main government hospital In Hazara Division which is situated in Abbottabad and generally persons of nearby areas with serious illness or injuries are taken to it for treatment. According this hospital sources no person from the area of Balakot or specifically from Jaba where violation of Pakistani airfield was made, was admitted for treatment.

However, damaging of around five pine trees due to dropping of payload by some Indian jet is being considered as sort of loss to environment by the environmentalists. The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa takes cutting or damaging of trees very seriously and no one is allowed to do so whatever the reasons there may be. Pine trees take a lot of years to turn into grown up trees.

The Indian Air Force violated Pakistan’s airspace on Tuesday and Pakistan Army updated the media about every detail since the intrusion was made taken place.

From pictures of the trees burnt in the airstrike to Pakistan’s Air Force response everything was made public by military spokesman on his Twitter account. Later on he also addressed a press conference in this connection.

On the other side, Indian government and the military had focused more on receiving congratulatory messages, with local media spreading propaganda with false claims of Indian Air Force achievement. War hysteria is not permitting them to accept and analyze the only damage which they have caused by violating airspace of Pakistan and it was burning of trees that may have some negligible consequences on local environment.







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