ICT Witnessing Mammoth Surge in Crime Rates

ICT Witnessing Mammoth Surge in Crime Rates

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Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) is facing enormous surge in crime rates mostly the street crimes after removing of police pickets from various spots.

Recently the Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed after taking charge of the ministry had removed police check posts. He was of the view that this step was taken for the convenience of the general public. The newly appointed interior minister’s vision was to let the ICT police more focused on patrolling than relying on the check posts to curb the crime rates.

However, removal of police pickets hasn’t served any purpose yet and it’s becoming one of the main reasons behind mammoth surge of crime rates in the capital territory.

The 22 years old Osama’s killing by the hands of the police has already invited a lot of criticism from all quarters. The Chairman of Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Interior, Raja Khurram Nawaz has already taken notice of this incident and he has hurriedly called the meeting of the standing committee over this issue.  The Secretary Interior, IG Islamabad and the Chief Commissioner ICT has been ordered to brief the committee over Osama’s killing.

In recent past a robbery incident took place in Melody in the shop of a jeweler where arms were extensively used by the robbers.

In the limits of Police Station Shalimar, a young man was killed in the area of F/10 during a recent robbery incident.

Moreover, in the jurisdiction of Police Station Shams Colony during another street crime incident a truck driver and his assistant were killed recently.

During another as such incident a citizen Ibrahim Jan was killed in the area of Ramna Police station in recent days.

The SHOs of different police stations were changed and transferred since the change of command in the ministry of interior but these transfers and postings are yet to yield positive results.

In some police stations the inspectors ranked SHOs were removed and in their place Sub Inspectors (SIs) were appointed as SHOs. Some observers are taking these measures as political motivated steps.

The vision of newly appointed Interior Minister with regard to removing of the check posts is not seemingly going to work to control crime rate in the capital territory.

According to some experts on these issues removal of police pickets hasn’t worked at all to lower the crime rate in the capital city and it has gone other way.

This is pertinent to mention here that Safe City Project is a great tool for the ICT police to curb the crimes in the city. Its cameras are covering almost every corner of the city and there is a need to take benefit of it to control unwanted elements from doing untoward activities.




Picture of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, taken from internet. (Smoking causes cancer, a message from Government of Pakistan

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