Handing hospitals over to Army Medical Corps suggested

Handing hospitals over to Army Medical Corps suggested

Rehman Malik advises government to equip BHUs & RHS with screening facilities for rural population

Pak Chronicle Report


Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A Rehman Malik has demanded Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan to immediately handover the designated hospitals across the country to Army Medical Corps (AMC) to combat the deadly Coronavirus.

In series of tweets, while tagging PM, he said “I would like to draw PM’s kind attention to forthcoming issue due to this fast spreading Coronavirus.

It is not all good as being reported to you (PM Imran Khan).” He said that we are potentially growing victims therefore identify countrywide good hospitals and handover its management to Army Medical Corps urgently”.

He said that he was advising you (PM Imran Khan) well in time because there is hardly any medical or administrative control in these hospitals. He said that let Army prepare the medical care logistic and be ready to handle Coronavirus outbreak.

He added “I am suggesting this as long term solution to combat Coronavirus and I have suggested the AMC to take those hospitals which are notified to deal with coronavirus”.

He said that it is purely his own personal suggestion keeping the national interest in view. He also said that AMC is well trained and earlier they had helped us in Malakand and Swat during operations against Taliban.

He said that the government and the army may take over private medical colleges and universities in the country and convert into temporary  Anti-Coronavirus testing and treatment centres and this facility be kept ready within three to four days.

He advised the government to gear up efforts against Coronavirus, upgrade the Basic Health Units (BHUs) and Rural Health Centre (RHC) with screening facilities and establish mobile medical units to visit rural areas for identification of coronavirus patients.

By upgrading BHUs, RHCs and establishing mobile medical units, the elderly people could be screened for Coronavirus at their homes. He said it is worrisome that screening tests are not properly being done in some areas while it will be considered as criminal negligence to overlook the spread of pandemic which can prove disastrous for the whole country.  He said soon he will hold a press conference on the issue of Coronavirus.


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