Green chilies getting beyond means of common folks

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Pak Chronicle Report


Green chili is an important ingredient of everyday meal in this part of the world but it never could never become part of headlines as generally it is taken for granted.

However, things are changing with regard to it or at least for the residents of Rawalpindi as it price has already touched unprecedented level and it continues to swell although there seems no issue with its supply in the market.

It seems that it has almost disappeared from different retail vegetables’ shops of some areas in Rawalpindi. Due to skyrocketing price level the shopkeepers nowadays no more decorate their shops with this items which is mostly considered as part of spices.

Currently green chilies are being traded in the wholesale market at Rs1,500 for its 5kg  pack which is locally known as ‘Tarri,”  It means chilies got the price tag of Rs300/kg which is astonishing but still it could not grab the attention of mainstream media. In retail its price has swelled to Rs400/kg.

Generally at retail shops of vegetables no one get green chilies as a separate item as most of the customers would ask the shopkeepers to add a few chilies to the vegetables they ‘ve already purchased. Mostly no one ask for quarter or half of the quarter of a kg of green chilies from the retailers so setting up its price tag solely of its own is an issue.

Aurangzeb Khan has been into vegetable business for the past 25 years in Rawalpindi but he never witnessed this price hike like the present one during all these years.

“I myself once myself purchased green chilies from the wholesale market at the rate of Rs800 for a Tarri which I believed at that time as an extraordinary thing. However, nowadays it is being traded at Rs1,500 in the market,” he told Pak Chronicle on Tuesday.

According to him it is not the matter of shortage of it as the market is full of it but its price is high which is forcing the retailers to drop the idea of bringing green chilies along with other vegetables to their retails shops.

“A few days ago I purchased 2.5 kg of green chilies against payment of Rs750 from the wholesale market but sold the entire lot of it against just Rs200. Facing Rs550 loss is not something which I can afford easily. However, I had to face it because I can’t refuse the  request of buyers of adding a few chilies to their already purchased vegetable its and i am not suppose to charge any rupee for this courtesy. Your need to be careful when your clientele belongs to the Mohallah where you also live. People would ask me drop some green chilies into the bag of their vegetables and there is no separate account of it. I will have to obey their order which is loss so I have dropped to bring green chilies from the market.

He said that shopkeepers who got business in Islamabad or posh localities of Rawalpindi these days purchase this item from the market as their clientele got no issue as what the price of it is but others who run business in humble localities prefer to stop trading it for a while.

According to market sources nowadays current supply of green chilies is from Sindh alone and its production from Punjab has not started yet and it may be a reason behind this massive surge in the price of green chilies over here


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