Govt providing luxurious facilities to Nawaz Sharif in prison: Ambar Shahzada

Govt providing luxurious facilities to Nawaz Sharif in Prison: Ambar Shahzada

Pak Chronicle Report


The chief of ‘Aap Jinab Sarkar Party’ Dr Ambar Shahzada has alleged that former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif has been allowed to enjoy the facility of AC in the prison.

He alleged that the ousted PM was allowed to enjoy the AC facility by the incumbent PTI led government which  is violation of its own agenda and manifesto.

The Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leader has been serving a seven-year prison term at Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat Jail since December 24, 2018 when an accountability court convicted him in the Al Azizia Steel Mills corruption reference.

The case was filed in the wake of the Supreme Court’s July 28, 2017 order in the Panama Papers case.

However later in March this year he was granted bail for a period of six weeks by the Supreme Court for pursuing his health treatment and this bail also expired this month and he returned to the jail again.

Dr Shahzada told Pak Chronicle on Tuesday that it has been the agenda of the incumbent government to recover every penny of looted money from the corrupt politicians. However, instead to fulfill its agenda for which it got the mandate to rule it has been providing VIP facilities at the jail barracks to the convict.

“This is indeed a tragedy that most of inmates of prisons in Pakistan are serving their terms due to these culprit politicians. If these politicians had served the nation properly instead of serving their own vested interest then the youths might have the prosperous life.

These corrupt politicians are responsible for every bad thing in the country. They snatched opportunities from the youths of the country to live a dignified life. These dishonest and corrupt politicians are responsible of high inflation level in the country and the government instead to get recover looted money from them is providing AC facility to them in the prisons,” he stated.

This is pertinent to mention here that   Dr Shahzada’s ‘Aap Jinab Sarkar Party’ has not been registered yet with the Election Commission of Pakistan.

However, as an independent candidate he has been contesting elections since 1988 and most of the times he contested elections on the electoral symbol of spoon. It has been agenda of him that as long as he is alive no member of Sharif’s family would ever be elected unopposed.

Elaborating the significance of his electoral symbol, ‘spoon’ he said this is every home’s necessity and one can’t imagine some dining place without it.

“Spoon helps you to have your meal easily irrespective of the fact whether the meal is hot or cold. It is tool to put food into one’s body,” he stated.










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