Girl drowns as boat sinks in Indus River

Girl drowns as boat sinks in Indus River

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Girl drowns as boat sinks in Indus River: Lovebirds drowned in Indus River who were trying to cross the river to have arrange marriage but the boat capsized and the girl drowned while the boy managed to save his life.

According to some media reports, a boy and a girl fell into the Indus River near Jatoi while crossing it by a wooden board in the area of Muzaffargarh.

According to these reports both of them were planning to go away from their respective homes to have love marriage.

However, as the wooden board sank into the river, the girl lost her life due to drowning while the boy managed to save his life.

The rescue officials, after learning about this unfortunate incident, recovered the body of the girl from the river. The girl was laid to rest after recovery of her body.

Reportedly the boy has been taken into custody by the police when the family of the girl lodged case against him that he was involved in kidnapping and killing of her.

The police have started investigation into the case to probe real factors behind this unfortunate incident.

Pakistan, like any other country, has diverse cultural, religious, and social norms, and attitudes toward love and relationships can vary among individuals and communities.

While some conservative or traditional segments of society may frown upon premarital relationships or public displays of affection, there are also many Pakistanis who engage in romantic relationships and find love.

In Pakistan, arranged marriages have traditionally been more common, where families play a significant role in finding suitable partners for their children.

However, the younger generation in urban areas is increasingly embracing the concept of love marriages, where individuals choose their own partners based on mutual affection and compatibility.

It’s important to note that societal attitudes are not static, and they evolve over time. With increased exposure to global influences, changing cultural dynamics, and the influence of social media, perceptions around love and relationships are gradually shifting in Pakistan.

Many young Pakistanis are now more open to exploring romantic relationships and forming connections based on love.

However, it’s also essential to respect local customs, traditions, and societal norms while navigating relationships in any country.

It’s advisable to be aware of and sensitive to the cultural context and individual circumstances when expressing love or affection in public or discussing romantic relationships openly in Pakistan.

Despite all these factors, there are areas in Pakistan where falling in loving by a girl and a boy isn’t considered suitable and it often becomes the matter of honor for the families.







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