‘From the Middle of Mouth’ (Part 7th) by Zaib Azkaar Hussain

‘From the Middle of Mouth’ (Part 7th) by Zaib Azkaar Hussain

Let me live on the edge of beingness that’s more dangerous than a racist living and discriminatory accommodation.

Your discriminatory adjustment can’t segregate me but your cruel kindness can divide me into one thousand parts. I don’t believe in such a respectability that is being attached from a racist position.

Your questions are killing me. You have trapped me very cleverly. I knew all my excitement was a part of ‘sadness’.. you imposed that sadness in the name of kindness.

I know it’s beyond your understanding.. can’t you comprehend. It were not someone else but you who put a spoke in my wheel but nobody heard the sound.

The trap was not similar to the cage where imprisoned lions would be placed as beautiful toys but it seemed like a long avenue. Now I called up.. it was a long street and a cave was housed at the tail end of this street in front of a specious house.

It was unidentified cave where I was pushed away by three men and a woman along with three men and a woman. We all four men and one woman were tempted by four persons to visit something unique.

Then I didn’t care that I was cordoned by many alien faces among the familiar ones. Oh I remember now a large number of strange faces of people and objects. What had happened to us..We kept up dancing and they brought to us to mysterious place that was actually placed at a cave.

When we entered there, I saw a single pair..i don’t care but all of a sudden I saw tear of tears; yeah poor  detained people were visible in a huge painting and.. I suddenly realized that the people were kept in chains. I myself noticed they were raising voice against a voice spread over their muted and rather converted into silent voices.

The voice expressed their hues and cries as low sounds.

‘From the middle of mouth’

I don’t believe in a fake truth that teaches you how to live and how to earn for living. You love to see people dying without earning a livelihood. This abstract truth forcing people to use every efforts to secure the necessities of life and living. To secure the necessities has become a prime object. No one could challenge this absurd truth in front of international court of justice.

I am witnessing elimination of greats because of non-provision of these priceless necessities. Owing to this absurd reality a reality has become nonproductive.

How ironic is that the man has become nonproductive.   There are standards to examine his living and viability. The greats are now useless and a sort of ‘persona non grata’. They been left in a lurch for facing. They have to face a great starvation and die to prove the theory of necessity.

The necessity would not cause any inventions to resolve the vulnerability of human beings in this universe.

To be continued…..

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