‘From the Middle of Mouth’ by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (Part One)

‘From the Middle of Mouth’ by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (Part One)


Can’t they convince me that she is around? I have two eyes, two ears, and two brains…and one mouth, one nose and two hands, two legs and..let me remember how many parts of body I have; yeah I have a physical existence due to which I can see and fix any kinds of bitch..She is not…she is above of all questions…rather she is above the question..

I can see and visualize her but I am being forced to imagine some unimagined objects. I will never do that.. Instead I will prefer to die…No way…okay just find me dead.. Ah before dying I would like to see her…I have to have a meeting with her.. A meeting that is to last till my death..

She is not visible as I know she has been disappeared. When and where; I don’t know but I am hundred per cent unsure that one day I would find her out. She left me one fine morning and I hope she ‘ll come back after two fine mornings go…I know she is jealous to fineness of mornings and evenings; I am using my good offices to make the weather normal and to set the climate suitable.

Life was going on and lifelessness was on besides. Let me allow to disallow myself from acting.. I gonna fail to speak the truth….I can’t differentiate the two phenomena. I notice an unnoticed phenomenon… Please don’t talk to me, I don’t believe in talking, I believe in walking..

I know she has left. I knew the only fact that she has left and I am going to trace her. I will not spare her. I am to find her out.. Where have you gone my dear? I am calling you. I am asking where have you gone? Who has deserted you? Just tell me.. Are you not listening to me? Ah I can understand the audibility sounds too poor. Got it; yes it sounds very poor but I am not poor in raising voice..

I can shout…I can cry…i can fly.. Will move from heaven to earth and from earth to seventh heaven. You cannot hide yourself from the naked eye and I am not going to add any object; nothing to be added between the two objects. In between I am determined to use a useless word…let me call that word…hello…come here.. Show me your face.. You are the only word that never took too much time over my calling…just come now!.. Come up.. Hurry up…

I will not use anything else to see you.. I will not add anything else to capture you.. Okay am silent.. My silence is more visible………..Hi my silence…my voice leads to violence…Am quite calm.


I am not going to say anything; I am doing to go off very everything. To me that’s easier done that said. Just trust me I don’t trust in fishing; no big fish, no small fish…I am least interested in seeing the sea, it hurts to catch anything; things are finally killed or eliminated; let them free. Yeah i am too coward.. I am proud of being nothing.. Things are eliminated and nothing does sustain, but I am not fond of sustaining, …I am fond of retaining.. no containing rather.. I remember once Asraar came in my dream and told me clearly that he was alive as he had succeeded to contain his energy. He hinted apparently he had passed away for the people of this world but it was only an illusion.

His tone was not a mysterious one and was talking like a normal person. It was me who got confused and inquired about his living. He offered me to get into his car. I sat at the front seat along with him.

He drove the car towards different directions and told he was quite fine and nothing bad would happen to him. He advised me not to speak or think and instead remain silent and just believe in his living.

He had pretended to be departed but as a matter of fact it was his cover and a pretext at a certain juncture of time, he added.

To be continued——–

Zaib Azkaar Hussain, the author of this masterpiece

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