‘From the Middle of Mouth’ by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (Part 4)


‘From the Middle of Mouth’ by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (Part 4)

They desire to see a chain of eye opening events; they are not aware of the dancing girls, dancing men, women and eunuchs and animals and children suffering from great pain of being treated as porn stars.

Each and every city has a California pornography industry generating porn stars. Shelley Lubben has to do a lot left no stone unmoved to identity the deserted characters; yet she has to determine her movement to catch the right trees and not to hold the wrong trees for these are the trees that preserve oxygen shots.

the perfect subjects and not to catch .  free from nudity, but  to live in a be….I am so glad to tear that paper; a paper that had caused a great many problems for me…

I am not a man of normal vision…let me say i am not a woman of normal world….i think i should hold am not a person of normal book..don’t apply your method to capture me by hook or by crook.. no am not a creature of normalcy…perhaps a living being or simply a being…rather whatever i am…am not and that’s all..

That was a paper that had done nothing and just trying to burn me…it had kept me at tenterhooks till the day i fired it, i burnt it from toe to head….yes it had a great length..like a monster…it looked like an alive paper.. it used to run behind me..look it dared to chase me…what a paper it attempted to catch me by its burning hands..a paper of long arms…just stay over there; am not going to be captured by you..i will kill you..i will tear you into tears…Oh my God it had big burning eyes, how large eyes he had; the eyes generating fire and i was at it’s hit list…it tried to kill me… it kept me on tenterhooks, yes i remained over there for a long time..it was wearing tented glasses.

Oh Thank God i am feeling very well.. I am a free thing now..just treat me a thing but let me move freely..yeah let me hide freely..let me smile freely..let me cry freely, just permit me to dance freely. I wanna think freely, weep and laugh freely…i agree i can feel myself free…am free from freedom..that freedom had killed me..i don’t liked to be freed under an imposed freedom..keep it with you..just feel free to talk to you and not with me..yeah  by burning that paper..that’s true.. firstly i tore that idiotic piece of paper into pieces and then burnt it…i am sure i had ensured its total burning..yes finally i had burnt the whole pieces of the torn paper into an unseen fire..that was unseen for the whole world but it was very visible to me…i can see that fire…that’s in my hand, in my heart, in my eyes and in my mouth..let it be burnt…let it be spoiled…

To be continued……..

Zaib Azkaar Hussain, the author of the story.

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