‘From the Middle of Mouth’ by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (Part 3)

‘From the Middle of Mouth’ by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (Part 3)https://world.pakchronicle.com/2021/10/22/from-the-middle-of-mouth-by-zaib-azkaar-hussain/

Oh my God it had big burning eyes, how large eyes he had; the eyes generating fire and i was at it’s hit list…it tried to kill me… it kept me on tenterhooks, yes i remained over there for a long time..it was wearing tented glasses.

Oh Thank God i am feeling very well.. I am a free thing now..just treat me a thing but let me move freely..yeah let me hide freely..let me smile freely..let me cry freely, just permit me to dance freely.

I wanna think freely, weep and laugh freely…i agree i can feel myself free…am free from freedom..that freedom had killed me..i don’t like to be freed under an imposed freedom..

Keep it with you..just feel free to talk to you and not with me..yeah  by burning that paper..that’s true.. firstly i tore that idiotic piece of paper into pieces and then burnt it…i am sure i had ensured its total burning..yes finally i had burnt the whole pieces of the torn paper into an unseen fire..that was unseen for the whole world but it was very visible to me…i can see that fire…that’s in my hand, in my heart, in my eyes and in my mouth..let it be burnt…let it be spoiled…Okay take my pride and move away…now leave with all your bag and baggage…i am in a hurry for i have to something bury…

I am a man of straw..I don’t have a single pie…you can’t loot me… let me confess, i have nothing to confess as am a man of  blank brains…true I am a man of momentum. I don’t need some space…i can live without living, i can exist without existence…feel me unseen…unspoken..i am silent..nothing can speak, you will never see the originality, it exists nowhere….yes ‘nowhere’ is its actual place and i am not going to expose that place..i am determined not to speak a single word; try to comprehend these are not the words i am using..these are the coins falling on the floor..you have to have a look at the ceiling that has made it clear not to speak..just enjoy the great artwork…Nothing has been structured, nothing has been painted, nothing has been shown in it original form.. but remember i will paint you fully and implicitly in an Italian fresco medium…if you did not run away.. i will be sitting idle..it’s okay let the grass grow under my feet…understand…be patient, they have not shown the original face, you will keep up halting between opinions..look the last judgment, have a look at the wedding of the virgin..

People are finally killed or eliminated; let them free. yeah i am too coward..i am proud of being nothing..things are eliminated and nothing is rejected..i would love to be rejected and ignored; please just ignore me and adore me by doing that.. i am not a lion, i am not a cat, i am not a rat, i can’t handle the affairs manfully; it involves genders’ tactics and i am sick of this strategy. People look so glad to live in a safe place. They have assumed that to live ahead of pornography markets.

Zaib Azkaar Hussain, the author of the story.


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