‘From the Middle of Mouth’ by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (Part 10)

‘From the Middle of Mouth’ by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (Part 10)

Just find me dead; a new view is on the cards declaring to sing on the same string and harp on the same mark..hats off and caps on…that’s none of my business after I hit my finger on the head…after I have been hinted not tobtause finger and instead put a gentle smile on your face and keep up doing your own job. There is something indicative that I have a specific job. Now, this is high time to thing on the nature of job. I must conduct an inquiry to make queries regarding recording of evidence on the issue. I have come to know that they are at one on the issue in question…However as I don’t know about the exact problem, issue isn’t an issue.

To me they are hatching a conspiracy against their opponent conspirators. I will not spare any spared species for they could be smashed and cocked and eaten. I know all these stakeholders are living in a vulnerable situation…on the one hand, they have been made clear that the old version of a new order on the existence is to prevail. On the other, a counsel for a dead client concerned was raising voice against counting people as already recounted rolling stones. In response to two questions, it was revealed that the decision was taken due to the constraints of the space. Secondly a gap was due to be bridged. Nobody takes about the factor of lawlessness law. The interpretation of lawlessness will bring to light some exciting facts. The new view will have to confirm that the old one was the gold one. A judge worked hard for meeting the ends of justice. However a silly mistake dropped. The absence of the word created an impression whether all was set to ensure end of justice. It seems hard to make both ends meet in present times when the prices of sittings and settings have sabotaged the suggested arrangement…

To be continued

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