From the Middle of Mouth by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (6th Episode)

From the Middle of Mouth by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (6th Episode)

They refer to Aristotle’s observations on tragedy and epic. They set genres whereas I am deadly against the classifications. I reject division and imposed isolation. . I cannot adore the bravery, determination, purity, innocence, victory, defeat, and act of purifying people under your own scheme of meeting the target.

Let me make it clear once again that I seek freedom from a misspelled sort of freedom that merely leads to  another absurd nature of freedom or another form of detention. I don’t like to be freed under an imposed freedom. Yeah in here freedom is also imposed and not a product of choice. Imposition of freedom is not a gift to humanity. It is rather detention as it isolates human beings from animals and animals just act under their pulses and not humanely.

I am not ready to follow pulses. They create fake characters and present them like legends and heroes. Yeah there was no existence of any Oedipus and any complexes. The man made hero still blinded himself and his mother hanged herself. Every version of the concocted story of Oedipus lamented over the unawareness of the very fact that the conquered woman was his mother.

Every witness turned hostile in this case. Sigmund Freud seems helpless now. His ‘complex’ proved to be invalid.  His assumption is an outcome of his own hallucination.

It reflects his subjectivity of his nowhere sub-consciousness. This sub-consciousness exists nowhere now. He talked about the eternity but it was a temporary arrangement that didn’t confirm the theory of three stages of psychological knitting of mankind.

The mankind cannot be detained to a system of animation that sends him towards a hole of inanimation. At times a sexual activity can be a result of a pure social frustration and for a commercial purpose. Couldn’t you determine an action to a certain box of reasons? In that assumed story Oedipus held himself as responsible for killing Laius.

His action to blind himself was a kind of strange punishment he chose against a sin for which he was used. Since he had committed a sin against the nature and the natural living, he rejected himself. When

Zaib Azkaar Hussain, the author of the story.

came to know about her sin she committed inadvertently, she hanged herself. She didn’t favour existing status.

Can’t you impose a subjective view rather a hallucinated view over a vast majority of the globe?  Every version of the story regretted and lamented on behalf of ‘Oedipus of Sophocles’ that he remained unaware of the fact that the ‘conquered woman’s was his mother. Freud seems to be helpless now. His ‘complex’ has lost its validity. There was no room to justify incestuous room of darkness….

To be continued

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