From the Middle of Mouth by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (5th Episode)

From the Middle of Mouth by Zaib Azkaar Hussain (5th Episode)

One fine morning a bad evening emerged when I tried to listen to my voice, my ears resisted and eventually refused to entertain my own voice.

The voice gave up its wiseness and spoke some unspoken words and this diction sounded some unsound sound.

Let me make it clear once again that.. that has never been accepted by my eyes seeking freedom from a misspelled size of freedom.

It merely depends on a mayor who leads to another crisis that culminates into an absurd situation across the globe. This sort of freedom…which is making most of its opportunities, produces detention of detentions. It has lessened the time most of the time by bringing an under detention freedom.

You are at liberty to give your freedom  and choice of freedom. I don’t like to be freed under an imposed freedom.

I decline to own such a freedom that is forcibly imposed by infringing upon the right of choice. In here everything is imposed..every value is imposed. Now freedom has become a custom, a value that is mostly imposed.. you are not allowed to exercise your right to life in different terms.

The terms you select on choice and commitment. You make people noncommittal to all commitments..  Keep up making that more presentable and acceptable but…can’t you refrain warms and vegetables to resist again hunters and catchers. They would also keep up terming all your products a byproduct of produced item. Just present another item, for the imposition of certain freedom is no more a gift to humanity. It is rather detention as it isolates human beings from animals and animals from living beings.

This mechanism forces them to just act under their pulses and not humanely and naturally. I am not ready to follow pulses.

They create fake characters and present them like legends and heroes. Can’t you convince me by referring Aristotle’s observations on tragedy and epic. Don’t set genres.. I am deadly against all classifications and divisions. I reject division and imposed isolation. .

I cannot adore the bravery, determination, purity, innocence, victory, defeat, and act of purifying people under your own scheme of meeting the target of catharsis.

I seek freedom from misspelled and misconceived freedoms. Such a, ‘freedom’ can lead an absurd crisis. It’s mental in its nature… it’s dental in its kind and it’s cruel in its mind; it’s detention in its freedom. It will desert you in greenery and isolate you in crowded machinery.

You will be isolated among the huge gatherings. And you can be found and placed at an un-exhibited exhibition people like paintings.  I would love to get rid of all forms of detention. I don’t like to be freed under an imposed freedom; that’s neither your scheme…nor your selection..

Instead you are a selection of others. You are a well-considered scheme of others. Its curse and not a gift to humanity. They create fake characters and present them like legends and heroes.

To be continued……

Zaib Azkaar Hussain, the author of the story.


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