‘From the Middle of Mouth’ (9th Part) by Zaib Azkaar Hussain

‘From the Middle of Mouth’ (9th Part) by Zaib Azkaar Hussain

You have been trapping people very cleverly You are in habit of it…i know you never caught a wrong tree as you have an eye to the main chance.

You are perfect in converting one’s illusion into delusion. You do institutionalize the institution too as had happened in the case of Virgina Woolf who had to drown herself in the River Ouse.

You were the first one who instigated the father of Franz Kafka to put him under sever pressure and he used to follow your will..your pulses, your eyes and your teeth and your hands too.

This too jumped into two; ah, this word ‘o’ has lost its worth…it’s a cliché oriented word; it will soon become a very huge ‘O’ like a cage…like a trap wherein Kafka has to come…it is an unrecognizable face having resemblance with Virgina Woolf…yeah she was also forced to die…her letter is evident on innocence of her husband who apparently stood by her and used his every effort to protect her…

At times she was prohibited to commit suicide but she could not be prevented and ultimately she had to use stones to drown herself in a cruel river.. Woolf later on married with the same woman who herself never honoured him as her husband. She had a separate husband…No one could identify the wolf in the black sheep…Of course Franz Kafka had requested his writer friend to destroy his writings but he didn’t act upon.

Woolf followed the advice of Virgina not to remember her and live as he had wished..Those hunting the people of their choice don’t spare anyone when they found them as undesirable even if whether they were weather’s or were the presidents of some countries or the premiers of some territories. Men or women; they don’t care..anyone who turn a deaf ear to their advice and directive. They issue a warning and if their guidance was not respected they won’t spare..no one was left over in the past and the distant past. I don’t believe in your beginning, middle and end..end is yet to be written or recorded. Don’t pass a ruling and verdict either in favour of an epic or on the account of tragedy.  No one is ready to follow your heroism and dogmatism…things are to be reshaped and rebuild.. Your inbuilt structure of instincts and egos and super egos can’t work over here..as this is not the that with which the solutions..of some psychological areas…of…the life of..perhaps universe, are conditioned. Don’t determine now.. Don’t confuse people with the list of your dos and don’ts..

Zaib Azkaar Hussain, the author of the story.

To be continued

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