FIA arrests human smugglers involved in Greece boat disaster

FIA arrests human smugglers involved in Greece boat disaster

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Greece boat disaster: Pakistani authorities have started a crackdown against human traffickers involved in a boat incident that capsized last week in Greece and caused the killing of hundreds of Pakistanis besides causing the killing of so many people of other nationalities.

The agents involved in human smuggling had taken money from the affected families to send their beloved ones to European countries.

According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) an agent involved in human trafficking to Greece was arrested.

Reportedly agent Waqas Ahmed received money to send the affected citizen to Europe with the connivance of other colleagues. The arrested human trafficker belongs to Wazirabad.

The agent received Rs2.3 million to send to the affected citizen to Greece. The agent was arrested and a case was registered against him. The details were shared by FIA Link Office Greece for the arrest of the agent.

According to the spokesman of the FIA the raids are being conducted to arrest other accused. Further investigation is going on with the arrested accused.

In another crackdown against human traffickers involved boat incident by sending Pakistanis illegally to European countries, was also arrested by FIA anti-trafficking circle Lahore.

The agent Talha Shahzeb received money from the victim’s family to send to a family of it to Greece. The agent received a total of Rs3.5 from the affected family. The agent was arrested and a case was registered.

Around 750 men, women and children were packed on the boat when it capsized last week, the United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) stated, killing hundreds and making the tragedy one of the worst in the Mediterranean Sea, according to the EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson.

According to CNN every year, tens of thousands of migrants fleeing war, persecution, climate change and poverty risk treacherous routes to Europe.

It further stated that Johansson condemned the role of “smugglers” who put people on the boats.

“They are not sending them to Europe, they are sending them to death. This is what they’re doing and it’s absolutely necessary to prevent it,” CNN quoted Johansson.

Meanwhile Pakistan is observing a day of mourning after hundreds of its nationals are feared to have died when a refugee boat sank off Greece last week in one of the worst disasters of its kind.

Human trafficking is a grave crime that involves the illegal trade and exploitation of human beings.

It is important to understand that human trafficking is a global issue that occurs in many countries, including Pakistan.

Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, harboring, or receipt of individuals through force, fraud, or coercion for various forms of exploitation, such as forced labor, sexual exploitation, or involuntary servitude.

Victims of human trafficking are often subjected to physical and psychological abuse, and their fundamental rights are violated.

Pakistan, like other countries, has faced challenges related to human trafficking. Factors such as poverty, lack of education, social inequality, and weak law enforcement can contribute to the vulnerability of individuals to human trafficking networks. In Pakistan, various forms of human trafficking have been reported, including trafficking for labor exploitation, forced prostitution, bonded labor, and child trafficking.

The Pakistani government has taken steps to address human trafficking by enacting legislation and establishing specialized units within law enforcement agencies to combat this crime. Additionally, efforts have been made to raise awareness, provide support services to victims, and strengthen international cooperation to combat cross-border trafficking.







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