Fake Ginger recovered from Vegetable Market Islamabad

Fake Ginger recovered from Vegetable Market Islamabad

Pak Chronicle Report


A root of some plantation which looks like ginger has been recovered from the Fruit and Vegetable Market Islamabad.

This has been learnt that it is still being sold in the city faking it as ginger to the general public who is not aware of it yet.

This root resembles like ginger but no one knows as what the botanical name of this plant is. Moreover, it is yet to learn its effects on one’s health on its consummation.

In a stunning revelation on Monday six large bags of this root were recovered from the market in Islamabad.

The chairman of Market Committee had received some complaints about the sale of this ginger like thing and finally action was taken to recover it.

The chairman of the committee later on revealed that it may be anything but it’s not ginger at all. He was of the view in any case can’t be taken as substitute or alternative of real ginger.

He expressed his fear that it might have been brought into the market in huge quantity. Moreover, the chairman of the committee asked the police to conduct raids to recover more of its bags. Special teams have already been constituted to locate and recover more stuff of this plantation.

The general public has also been advised to take notice of this sort of activity to avoid any repercussion.

The chairman of the committee expressed commitment of not allowing sale of any edibles in the market which is injurious for human health.

It has been learnt that this fake ginger is being sold at retail sales point at Rs400 per kg.

Ginger is every house need in Pakistan which is used in cooking meals to give them extra flavor.

However, it is yet to learn as what this fake ginger is and what its effects may be on human health on its consumption.



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