Elephant in Safari in Karachi enjoying good health

Elephant in Safari in Karachi enjoying good health

Pak Chronicle Report

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s Spokesman on Monday rejected a news being circulated about ‘’deteriorated’’ health of female elephant at Safari and said that female elephant’s health is satisfactory, stated a press release issued on Monday.

The spokesman said that veterinary doctors of KMC are regularly checking the elephant and termed her health as satisfactory. “Due to cold weather, a foot of the female elephant got dried which is a common thing,” he added.

The spokesman warned such people from running fake news on social media or else legal action would be taken against them.

Earlier last year the lonely elephant in Islamabad Zoo, Kaavan drew international criticism and condemnation in the pathetic conditions in which it was being kept at the facility.

Kaavan was relocated in December last year by sending it to another facility situated abroad through an airplane.

Other occupants of the zoo were shifted to some other zoos in Pakistan and it was closed on December 16 last year by relocating two Himalayan bears to a foreign destination.

Two Himalayan bears named Bubloo and Suzie were the last to leave the Islamabad Zoo, almost three weeks after the country’s only Asian elephant, Kaavan was flown to a wildlife sanctuary in Cambodia.

A picture of supposedly ailing elephant of the Safari Karachi has been making rounds on the social media recently in which it was claimed that its heath was deteriorating. However, according to KMC the female elephant in question is Okay and it is enjoying good health.


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