Ehsan Sehgal likely to sue Wikipedia

Ehsan Sehgal likely to sue Wikipedia

Dedicated Page about Sehgal on Wikipedia having contribution by renowned intellectuals was arbitrary removed

Pak Chronicle Report


Ehsan Sehgal, a well know Pakistani-born Dutch poet is planning to challenge in the court of law the Wikipedia’s move to delete the page associated with on it.

The page on Wikipedia about Ehsan Sehgal had 30 plus sources which were far ahead for the notability criteria currently maintained by the Wikipedia.

It took almost 10 years to develop this dedicated page about him on Wikipedia and it had reliable sources including credible newspapers reports, their links and others. However, despite having all these credible factors the page about him was deleted. Now Sehgal is planning to file lawsuit against this move to get justice and he is touch with reputed lawyers based in England.

Ehsan Sehgal, a distinguished Pakistani-born Dutch poet, writer, veteran journalist, and scholar based in the Netherlands.

He has a reputable position in Indo-Pakistan and Urdu world over his 1,000-page Urdu Poetry Zarb-e-Sukhan which discusses the knowledge of metres, grammar and eloquence.

Pakistani and Indian scholars have written a lot on him and his literary work has been appreciated and awarded. He has his place in Urdu and English literature as well.

Numerous books on his English poems and sayings have been published by the American Book Center in the Netherlands, and his sayings have been featured on the world’s largest websites, newspapers, and on TV. As claimed by him there were articles about him on Wikipedia cited with most reliable sources of English, Dutch and Urdu mainstream newspapers.

Prior to deleting the page about him the elements who had role in this process had also attempted to harass and blackmail him on social media.

Sehgal told this scribe that his literary rivals through a nexus first attempted to harass him through social media and later all information on Wikipedia about him was deleted, in complete violation of Wikipedia’s rules.

Currently he is in touch with lawyers and planning to register a case against this move which according to him is equivalent to defame him.

“I have already made contact with Inam Rana, a lawyer in London in this connection and he has asked me to provide facts and other related documents so that he could plan as how to go ahead with it,” he told Pak Chronicle.

Ehsan Sehgal has been very expressive about his religious beliefs and as a true Muslim he believes that Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah.

All Muslims believes that Muhammad (PBUH) is the Khatamun-Nabiyyin (Seal of the Prophets) or the last prophet of Allah.

This is a title used in the Quran for Muhammad (PBUH) and this belief is in heart and soul of every true Muslim.

Sehgal has been fighting literary war against elements which claim themselves as Muslims but they don’t pursue this belief in literal spirit.

According to him some elements, which don’t believe in the concept revolving around Muhamamd (PBUH) as Khatamun-Nabiyyin, developed grudge against him.

Sehgal generally tries to rectify content available on internet and makes efforts that no one could play with emotions of true Muslim in this respect.

As a result of his arguments and efforts a nexus was made which led to deletion of page on him on Wikipedia.

The efforts to delete the dedicated page on Sehgal were started in 2017 and a few weeks ago Sehgal’s rivals succeeded in abolishing the page.

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