Drugs Menace on Rise in Rawalpindi

[wp_ad_camp_1]Drugs Menace on Rise in Rawalpindi

By Chronicler


The cases of drug addiction are on rise in Rawalpindi and addicts nowadays may be found taking doses of it at public places freely without facing any hurdles.

This picture was taken by Chronicler when two heroin addicts were injecting it into his flesh in broad day light under the stairs of Metro Bus Station of Liaquat Bagh.

One person had already taken strong dose of it through injection and he had almost lost his conscience while other one was in process of injecting it with the same syringe. This is general practice that drug addicts take dose of heroin in groups via same syringe which also causes spread of epidemic diseases amongst them.

In recent past drug addiction cases were not as much high in Rawalpindi as they are being witnessed currently. Its common scene nowadays that drug addicted are lying unconsciously on footpaths after taking heavy doses.

When someone is taking drugs then surely he also got a supply chain of it to fulfil his demands. The law enforcement agencies need to focus on the supply line of drugs to eradicate this menace from the society.

This is pertinent to mention here that Liaquat Bagh is sort of place which always seems buzzing with different kind of activities.

It’s the place where one may find variety of hotels and it’s a little far from all important trade centre Raja Bazaar.

This place is heavily guarded by the police when someone is holding a political or religious activity at Liaquat Bagh.  Waris Khan Police Station is hardly 1.5 kilometre away from Liaquat Bagh while the police department got another installation of it which is situated within the premises of the park. However, despite all these factors the menace of drugs is growing and it needs attention of the authorities concerned to control it.


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