Dr Zaman finds Pakistan in a sorry state of affairs

Dr Zaman finds Pakistan in a sorry state of affairs

Dr Xaigham Zamaan laments over the worst social and economic conditions of the country

Terms 65 per cent of the parts of the country as ‘no go areas’

Appeals to writers, scholars, media persons and scholars to play their due role to rectify the prevalent situation

Pak Chronicle Report


An eye opener study on the overall conditions of the country was presented by Dr Xaigham Zamaan at an online weekly meeting of the Halqaa e Arbaabe Zauq (HAZ) Karachi that saw  total failure of the systems in the country.

Dr Zamaan, President of Progressive Writers’ Association, a scholar, broadcaster, presenter and author of several books, in his address underlined the sorry state of affairs on law and order situation saying around 63 percent lands of the country have become ‘no go areas’ while citing the parts of different cities of Balochistan, Sindh, Northern Areas and others. He also compared the currency of the country with other countries of the region and South Asia and concluded that Pakistani rupee has less value and worth in relation to dollar and instead other countries had emerged as powerful states due to wise strategy on economics and good foreign policies.

Dr Xaigham also expressed deep concern over the poor GDP growth rate of the country saying the economy based on mere foreign loans. He further said the manufacturers and owners of big industries had shifted their businesses to other countries in order to save and secure their funds and profits.

Dr Zamaan also lamented on the worst law and order situation adding that citizens had enjoyed no freedom of movement and establishing their businesses freely in any parts of the country as they felt themselves unsafe.

The rulers as state were in a constant conflicting situation with every neighbouring country instead of being friendly. Due to this factor the issue of good governance was paid less attention. Besides the rulers had failed to ensure provision of justice to citizens. He referred to different cases and argued that the contradictory verdicts had generated a sense of deprivation among the citizens and it seemed whether masses had lost their confidence to this effect.

Dr Zamaan who was speaking on the topic of “Husn e moaashart aur hamm’ (the beauty of living and effectiveness of system in relation to people), Dr Zamaan observed the irony was that the rich was going to become more richer and poor was going to be the poorest living below the poverty line.

He suggested that the opinion makers and writers must come forward and play a meaningful role to rectify the situation by highlighting the errors, blunders and negative actions on the part of all those pushing the country towards a social and legal quagmire.

He declared that he did not analyse the situation in political terms but thought to convey the gravity of the situation to intellectuals as a social and moral duty. Those spoke on the occasion included Shahzad Nayyar, Asghar Khan, Prof Shahnaz Parveen, Asif Ali Asif, Kamran Mughal and others.

Responding to a question, Dr Xaigham Zamaan said the duty of the writers and journalists was to discuss and expose the conditions in a constructive manner in order to play a vital role. Shahzad Nayyar pointed out that basic economic structure needed to be reviewed and set up in a manner that it could serve the actual economic and social cause of the country. He said the target of obtaining loans and promotion of capitalist system or mere consumerism should be given up.

Shahzad Nayyar declared that smooth progress and development lies in peace and relience the development of  country’s own resources and independent plans of progress and welfare of common man He appreciated Dr Zamaan for his good analysis and suggestions Farhat Qureshi said the biggest city of the country (Karachi) had to face the worst law and order situation in the past.

He mentioned that one of his close relative had to leave the country and to set up their business in a foreign country due to extortion factor. Asghar Khan and Khawaja Muhammad Azam highly appreciated Dr Xaigham Zamaan while adding that Dr Zamaan had presented a perfect paper on economy and social conditions of the country. Asghar Khan observed that the zeal with which Dr Zamaan spoke went home to him and other participants. Dr Omair Ahmed Khan who acted as co-ordinator highly commended Dr Zamaan for his wise views and analysis of the social conditions of the country.


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