Dr Nawab Shahzada for Recovering Looted Money

[wp_ad_camp_1] Dr Shahzada asks PM to recover looted money from corrupt politicians

By Chronicler


The chief of ‘Aap Jinab Sarkar Party’ Dr Nawab Ambar Shahzada believes that recovery of looted money from the corrupt politicians is the only solution to improve current financial condition of the country.

He has stressed on the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan to fulfil his promises which he made with the nation in this regard and he should recover the looted money from the corrupt politicians.

“I have been thinking day and night as what may be the key to pull the country out of financial crisis which it’s facing at the moment. However, as far as my political wisdom is concerned there seems only one solution to improve it. Recovery of looted money from the corrupt politicians and depositing it to the national exchequer is the best and the only solution into this effect,” he stated in communique addressed to the Pak Chronicler.

Dr Shahzada who is self-proclaimed political reformer and known for his sarcastic touches in the political landscape of the country also asks a question as why the corrupt politicians are not willing to deposit the looted wealth into the national exchequer if they are sincere with the country.

His  party  although is not registered with the Election  Commission  of Pakistan but still he asks the countrymen to vote his ‘Aap Jinab Sarkar Party’ for the betterment of the country.

This has been political slogan of his party for the past many years that nothing is wrong if someone is half-corrupt and half of him is dead ‘honest.’ However, according to him, things go wrong entirely when a politician is completely dishonest and corrupt.

As an independent candidate he has been contesting elections since 1988 and most of the times he contested elections on the electoral symbol of spoon. It has been agenda of him that as long as he is alive no member of Sharif’s family would ever be elected unopposed.

Elaborating the significance of his electoral symbol, ‘spoon’ he says this is every home’s necessity and one can’t imagine some dining place without it.

“Spoon helps you to have your meal easily irrespective of the fact whether the meal is hot or cold. It is tool to put food into one’s body,” he stated.





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