Dow University enhances it coronavirus testing facility to 1000/day

Dow University enhances it coronavirus testing facility to 1000/day

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Prof Mohammad Saeed Qureshi, Vice Chancellor of the Dow University of Health Sciences, said that due to the corona emergency, the capacity of the test is being increased to 1000 daily.

“After the machine and kits arrive tomorrow (Friday), we will be increasing our corona testing capability a thousand daily, while a free telemedicine clinic is also being launched in Dow Hospital tomorrow for general patients,” he said.

Talking to some media representatives in his office online and over the telephone, he said that the Dow Lab currently has the capacity to conduct 300 Corona tests daily at the Ojha Campus.

After hundreds of tests which have been done here so far it can be said that the average of nine percent suspect cases turned out to be positive, he said.

He said that the process of screening in the province is being intensified.

There are fourteen isolation beds in the Dow, while at the moment it has 10 corona patients, four of whom are on ventilators, he added.

As far as the recovery of corona patients is concerned whoever came here, went back with complete recovery. So far only two deaths are reported here in which one of them had cardiac issues, blood pressure, sugar etc.

He said that Dow, like all over the world, is treating Corona with a combination of HydroxyChloroquine Azithromycin, through which though not 100 percent but positive results are being achieved.

Moreover, a research team is working on this treatment, monitoring patients around the clock and thoroughly analyzing the effects of this compound.

“We will give feedback on treatment of corona through this combination after the completion of this research. However, this medicine got the some side effects like other medicines. We do ECG, give the medicine and then evaluate the functioning of the heart as it has direct effects on the heart.  We do it very cautiously and there is no question that people should start taking these medicines themselves,” This is extremely dangerous and needs to be strictly avoided. Prof Quraishy said that due to corona emergency, the hospital’s OPDs have been closed which is causing problems for patients with common diseases.

A free online clinic is being started at the Dow University Hospital where university’s specialist doctors will perform duties from 6 am to 2 pm for six days. The free telemedicine clinic will serve six hours Monday to Saturday. Patients pertaining to gynae, medicine, surgery and psychiatry will be able to get free consultations and prescriptions from the specialists, he said. He said people can contact clinic through phone number.


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