Donkey stock defying the odds witnessing exceptional growth

Donkey stock defying the odds witnessing exceptional growth

Donkeys’ population registered 2% growth rate without getting any noticeable incentive

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There were no apparent incentives on behalf of the government which would have led to increase in donkey stock during the current fiscal year but unexpectedly it kept growing in the country while defying the odds.

According to Economic Survey Report issued on Thursday donkey stock in the country witnessed around two percent significant increase.

The country holds over 5.5 million stock of donkeys with 100,000 increase during the current fiscal year. To be very precise about donkey growth rate in Pakistan it is 1.81 percent compared with last fiscal year statistics in this connection. With such a marvelous growth rate of donkeys one may expect that slot of being number number worldwide is not far ahead.  Little bit of governemnt’s incentives will help to achieve this destination.

According to some estimates Pakistan with current population of donkeys stands second to Ethiopia in  the world. Ethopia according to these estimates got 8.7 million donkey’s stock at the moment.

Donkeys may have a jubilant day over these stats but there is need to look into more details as how this phenomenon has been achieved.

Donkeys were never area of interest for the federal government in terms of its measures to boost livestock in the country. In fact it never stressed on donkeys rearing to eliminate poverty in the country although donkeys have been playing important role in construction and other businesses across Pakistan.

In fact cows, buffalos, goats and other domestic animals have been attracting the government’s attention and it has been suggesting the masses to rear these animals as the measures to elevate livestock and eliminate poverty. Even eggs and hens got attention of the government in this respect. However, donkeys were never on the priority list of the government.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on February 20 this year had announced to empower women through allocation of domestic animals to them, so that they could support their families and earn a livelihood for them.

While addressing the Ehsaas Amdan  Programme launching ceremony in Layyah District he had stated:  “For women, we have decided that we will give them one cow, one buffalo and three goats, so that they can run their household with their produce.”

The Prime Minister Imran Khan vision about poultry industry to eradicate poverty was very clear after he took oath as PM.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing a ceremony in December 2018 at the Islamabad Convention Centre regarding the government’s performance in its first 100 days had said that with the help of poultry, poverty can be eradicated.

He was of the view that the government will give eggs and chickens to the rural women so they could begin their own poultry business. He had maintained that the project has been tested and the government would provide injections to them for raising the chickens faster.

However, despite focusing on these economically viable projects for poor class the PM never asked people to rear donkeys.

If the government didn’t encourage masses to rear donkeys then in fact it never discouraged them in this respect keeping in view the role which donkeys have been playing especially in rural areas. Even their presence may easily be felt in urban areas where they are still being used for carrying construction materials.

In fact five years back Pakistan was exporting hides of horses in good numbers to the world before natural leather products’ demand declined in the world.

According to some experts these were actually the hides of donkeys which after polishing looks like the hides of horses. This expert opinion seems true in the sense that horses are not slaughtered in Pakistan, at lease there are no credible reports on this matter.

However, the meat of donkey was confiscated in the past in the various parts of country on various occasions which was meant for public consumption.

Keeping in view some facts and figures credit of increase in donkeys’ population goes to authorities like Punjab Food Authority (PFA) and others which have been taking action against selling of donkey meat.

There may also be other factors behind donkey higher population growth rate which needs another write up to cover these aspects.





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