DMC Korangi conducts fumigation spray in churches

DMC Korangi conducts fumigation spray in churches

Pak Chronicle Report


District Municipal Corporation (DMC) Korangi Karachi on the directives of its chairman Syed Nayyar Raza on Sunday conducted fumigation spray in churches and other areas where Christian community resides in its vicinity.

The spray was conducted by anti-corona squad of the DMC Korangi. The fumigation spray contained chlorine and water to disinfect the churches on the occasion of  the festival Easter.

The awareness campaign has also been launched by the DMC Korangi maintaining the slogan ‘Jo Mehdood Hay Woh Kerona Say Mehfooz Hay,’ (one who is in isolation is safe from coronavirus).

The public has been asked to stay at home and follow the protocol of lockdown in the city to stay safe from the spread of pandemic, coronavirus.





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