Digital economy swelling women entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Digital economy swelling women entrepreneurs in Pakistan

By Muhammad Asghar Khan

New York

Digital economy swelling women entrepreneurs in Pakistan: Masood Khan, Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, has said that the large-scale progress towards the digital economy and the changing social environment are helping to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

He said that having a large number of 19 crore mobile users in the country’s population of 24 crore will not only help the women of the country to advance in business activities but also help fintech and IT companies to expand their business and overcome traditional and non-traditional barriers.

He said this provides a solid foundation for providing technology-based solutions for control.  He said that the full inclusion of women in the financial system is our goal.

Ambassador Masood Khan said these things while talking to a group of researchers from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, who recently conducted a study titled “Pakistani Women”.  “How technology is used to overcome barriers to entrepreneurship” is researched.

The group included Estelle Thomas, Fatima Naday, Ishani Srivastava and Yaranza.  The research was carried out in collaboration with the South Asia team at the Atlantic Council and the American Pakistan Foundation.

Brief regarding the recommendations:

Research has revealed that Pakistani women are using technology to implement their business plans, promote their businesses and facilitate financial transactions.  The research recommends increasing women’s access to smartphones and the Internet, facilitating the inclusion of women entrepreneurs in the financial system, and using social media platforms to directly connect women entrepreneurs.

The long-term initiatives also emphasize the importance of promoting and implementing gender sensitivity in regulations and business systems, as well as bringing about changes in social attitudes.  Appreciated the efforts of the students for doing research, which is a priority. He also highlighted the significant progress and achievements of Pakistani women in various fields.

Masood Khan said that it is one of the top priorities of the government to take advantage of the potential of women by including them in the country’s workforce.

In this regard, steps are being taken to financially empower them by facilitating their maximum access to technology and IT-based solutions. He further said that the growing trend towards women entrepreneurship has led to providing a huge opportunity for tech companies to introduce various products to facilitate the inclusion of women in the financial system, especially in remote areas of the country.



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