DIG Lahore Shariq Jamal mysteriously found dead

DIG Lahore Shariq Jamal mysteriously found dead

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The dead body of DIG Shariq Jamal was not found in his house, but he lived in the flat where his body found.

The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Lahore Police, Shariq Jamal was found dead at a rented apartment in mysterious circumstances on Saturday.

Initially the police had taken a woman and a servant into the custody to probe the matter.

According to the initial findings of the police the woman in question reportedly had taken the DIG to a private hospital.

According to the media reports the DIG Shariq Jamal was found dead mysteriously in his house in Defence Housing Authority DHA (Lahore).


DIG Lahore Shariq Jamal mysteriously found dead. He was also a poet. The picture is containing a ghazal of him.

However, this has been reliably learnt that this is not the case as he was living in a rented flat and not living in his residence situated at DHA Lahore.

The body of the late DIG was not found in his house in Lahore but was found in the premises of Flat No. 104/A Defense while the house of the late DIG is in Phase 4 of DHA.

A man and a woman were detained by the police of the DHA police station.

The source has further revealed that this flat belongs to an important person whose name is yet to be revealed.

This is learnt that a year ago due to domestic issues with his family, the late DIG had shifted from his house to this apartment.

This was the apartment where a female guest of him from Islamabad used to visit him.

This is learnt that the same woman came to meet him on the day of incident and he vomited blood, probably due to high blood pressure besides other factors which were deteriorating his health and he died.

The guest called 1122 which shifted his body to a private hospital. The guest lady was stated to be a government officer who is also a literally person.

DIG Shariq Jamal was going to be promoted to 21st grade. He was a very good poet and columnist as well. Two collections of his poetry have been published, while he has also been writing columns in Urdu and English in Nawai Waqt and Express Tribune.

The investigation into the mysterious death of DIG has taken a new turn. The woman who was in the flat with Shariq Jamal turned out to be a senior government official.

According to the media reports, the woman arrested from the flat has turned out to be Qurat-ul-Ain, the spokesperson of the Election Commission.

Qurat-ul-Ain has also been the spokesperson of Pakistan Railways as well. The police later on allowed her husband and other people to go home.


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