Demonetization of Rs5,000 denomination currency note demanded

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By Chronicler


The Chief of Aap Jinab Sarkar Party (AJSP), Dr Nawab Ambar Shahzada has demanded from the prime minister of Pakistan to set deadline for the demonetization of Rs5,000 denomination currency notes to address the issue of devaluation of Pakistani currency.

He has asked the Prime Minister, Imran Khan that deadline for the withdrawal of this currency note should be the same as is given by the opposition parties to launch protest demonstrations in the country against the government.

Moreover, there must be ban in the country to purchase more than five Tola gold besides placing restrictions on purchase of more than US$1,000  or 2000 Riyal, he further stated.

“If there are some compulsions and Rs5,000 denomination currency note is launched again, then  make it sure that its design and colour is  accordingly changed,” the head of AJSP suggested.

This is pertinent to mention here that the opposition parties are flexing muscles for anti-government protest demonstrations in the country.

As has been already announced the main opposition parties like PPP, PML-N and JUI-F would have separate plans to launch these demonstrations in the country against the PTI led government.

Meanwhile according to Nawab Shahzada who is head of AJSP which is an unregistered party with the Election Commission of Pakistan, demonetization of Rs5,000 currency note would help to  improve economy which is not reflecting  good signs at the moment. He believes this move would be helpful to unearth illegitimate money which is being hold by influential persons of the country.

“The decision to demonetize or to withdraw Rs5,000 bank currency note would help to tighten noose on corrupt politicians, cruel mafia and  unethical and dishonest bureaucrats. It would also help to lower rupee/dollar parity which is touching record high at the moment. Moreover, it would also reduce inflation level in the country,” he further stated in a communique shared with Pak Chronicle.

According to Nawab Shahzada the decision of the government to demonetize Rs5,000 currency note would have pleasant effects on common  folks and the country would prosper as a result of it.

He also advised the premier to fulfill his promise of making recoveries of looted wealth of the country from corrupt politicians. “It is common perception that Imran Khan, the premier is an honest man. If he (Imran Khan) timely recovers the looted money then the nation would always remember him in gold words,” he further stated.

In a similar move in India in 2016, the Indian government had decided to demonetize Rs500 and Rs1000 denomination currency notes.


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