Covid claims Yorkshire Ripper’s life

Covid claims Yorkshire Ripper’s life

Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe dies at University Hospital, North Durham after contacting coronavirus

Pak Chronicle Report

Yorkshire’s notorious serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe died at University Hospital of North Durham after contracting coronavirus and refusing treatment for it.

He had refused to get treatment of the pandemic on the grounds best known to him. At the time of death there was no visitor by his bedside. His lungs collapsed instantaneously and he was pronounced dead.

Interestingly in a letter to an unknown pen-friend he was of the view that he was feeling safer in the jail. He had stated, “feel much safer in prison than in the outside world,” he had boasted.

According to some media reports the serial killer, Sutcliffe had murdered minimum of 13 women in the 1970s and 1980s.

Victims’ families said that they were happy as he was gone and hoped that Ripper’s death would ‘bring them peace,” maintained some media reports.

Sutcliffe during his correspondence with his pen-friend whose whereabouts are not known had regularly described his fears about contracting coronavirus in the months before he was tested positive. He first mentioned it on March 16 writing: “You be careful with this horrible virus about.”

On account of his fear to catch coronavirus he had also refused to see any visitor in the jail facility.

“I’d rather wait until they’ve discovered an effective vaccine,” he had mentioned in a letter to his pen-pal.

In another correspondence in July this year the serial killer had stated that he was fed up with lockdown and complained about a prisoner friend for not being able to cook him complete English breakfast.

In supposedly last correspondence with is pen-friend he wrote, “health-wise we are both doing OK and getting on with life the best we can.”

According some of his friends, the Ripper believed that he would go to heaven after his death because he was a Jehovah ’s Witness.

On the other hand the families of his victims celebrated his expiry and hoped that the Yorkshire’s ripper will ‘rot in hell.


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