COVID-19 causalities: Don’t ask for special burial places

COVID-19 causalities: Don’t ask for special burial places

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Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar Wednesday requested the people to cooperate with graveyards’ administrations and not to ask for special place for grave for burial of a person dies of novel coronavirus.

Addressing a meeting here at Frere Hall, Akhtar said that there is a different procedure for funerals and burying a person dies of Covid-19, adding that separate graveyards were allocated for the purpose. Metropolitan Commissioner Dr Syed Saif ur Rehman, In charge KMC graveyards department Iqbal Pervez, Deputy Director Sarwar Alam and other officials were also present on the occasion, said a press release issued on Wednesday by the media department of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

He said that some people ask for special place for the grave and sometimes misbehaved with the administration. He asked all District administrations to cooperate with graveyards’ managements for ensuring law and order.

“People want to bury their loved ones in the same graveyard where their relatives were already buried but owing to current situation it is not possible,” he said.

Akhtar said that some miscreants wanted to take advantage of current situation to deteriorate law and order situation, adding that they cannot allow the same.

Graveyard established in Surjani Town for burial of persons dying due to COVID-19: Akhtar said that 13-acre newly establishes graveyard in Surjani Town has been fixed for burial of the people who die of coronavirus. He said the data of a person die of coronavirus is shared with local administration, police and other concerned departments before the body is brought for burial.

Experts warn more patients may die because of coronavirus: “World Health Organization (WHO) and experts have warned that May month is very important and number Covid-19 patients could increase considerably and the virus might be at its peak,” the mayor added while asking the citizens to remain at homes and adopt all preventive measures. He added that we have to combat the coronavirus as a nation and by showing unity and brotherhood.

Many graveyards in Karachi out of space: Apprising Mayor, incharge graveyards Iqbal Pervaiz said there are 208 graveyards in the city of which 41 are in administrative control of KMC, 89 of different communities and 78 are in administrative control of DHA, Railways and other institutions.

“Many graveyards of the city are closed for burials due to out of space and the KMC has established two new graveyards at Super Highway and Surjani Town where   burials are going to be started,” Iqbal added.

He added that Gorkans  (grave diggers) and staff of the graveyards have been provided precautionary kits to ensure their safety.


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