Coronavirus seems to be on vacation in Karachi today

Coronavirus seems to be on vacation in Karachi today

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Government of Sindh which is otherwise very vigilant about the coronavirus and taking prompt measures to control its spread is hectically organizing a powerful mob show in Karachi today to protest against the regime in centre led by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI).

Just a few days ago, the provincial government very efficiently and smartly imposed ‘smart lockdown’ at various places in Karachi because of presence of coronavirus in these areas. A few restaurants were sealed because not following of standard operating procedures (SOPs).

However, suddenly the existence of the virus seems to be least important matter in the present circumstances and it looks that coronavirus is on vacation in Karachi to make the government comfortable to hold and manage huge political gathering.

Fewer people cared about SOPs in the political gathering in Gujranwala which was hosted by Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and it is obvious that fewer would follow and following these SOPs in Karachi.

So one may ask a very valid question as whether coronavirus moves around according to the command of the political authorities or it has its own way to spread amongst the masses.

In Gujranwala political gathering of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) which is the alliance of 11 opposition parties against the current regime had demonstrated a powerful show where little heed was paid toward social distancing and wearing of facemasks.

Coronavirus also got its presence in Punjab as number of its cases are appearing in the province on day to day basis but Gujranwala political gathering could be excused on the ground that PTI’s provincial government in Punjab was not in position on the moral grounds to decline the request of holding protest demonstration against it.

However, it is not the case in Sindh as an ally of PDM, the Pakistan People Party (PPP) is ruling the province and it should have not allowed this gathering if coronavirus was a serious business for it. This doesn’t seem to be the case as thousands of participants which would be claimed to be in lakhs by the organizers have already assembled in Bagh-e-Jinnah to listen the speeches of their leaders.

Meanwhile official portal of the federal government which is responsible to maintain record about coronavirus cases is still carrying the public service message of wearing the facemasks and to maintain social distance.

Coronavirus is evolving through the process to get its political shape in Pakistan nowadays with these political developments which are happening on real fast track.

Keeping in view this dimension of the virus one may rightly ask the question whether imposing of smart lockdown at some places in Karachi and other places was the justified measure or the current mass gathering is the right move.




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