Coronavirus Precautionary Kits’ Production Orders Requested for Women-at-Home

Coronavirus Precautionary Kits’ Production Orders Requested for Women-at-Home


Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar Sunday asked federal and Sindh governments to award production work of coronavirus precautionary kits to skilled women at home so that they could feed their families in the lockdown.

Talking to a famous fashion designer Asim Jofa, Akhtar said there is need of accessories including bad sheets, masks and gloves at hospitals. The government and other concerned departments should provide sewing work of these things to women at home through NGOs” he demanded.

According to a statement issued on Sunday by Media Department of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Akhtar said that there is a large number of women workers particularly those who do sewing work in industries, factories and at home but they went jobless after the lockdown and they are facing hardships to feed their families. Through this act we could provide a source of income to women as well cater the need of precautionary kits at hospitals.

During the meeting, Asim Jofa recommended that the services of women who have sewing machines and used to do work at home could be availed. Akhtar endorsed his suggestion and said those women were facing hardships in the lockdown to feed their families.

The mayor asked the concerned department to award the production work to women at home instead of giving it to big industries as this could resolve issues of the thousands of working women.

He also asked the people to cooperate with working women and give them opportunity to work at home by providing them sewing work. “Being an undeveloped country, we have to fight against coronavirus as well as against poverty and joblessness simultaneously,” said Akhtar.

Pakistan has large numbers vocational people and they could be given an opportunity to work from home by the government. He said that doctors and paramedics are performing their duties despite and this act of the concerned department would also help their cause.

Akhtar said that it is a testing time for the nation as currently not only Pakistan but the entire world is facing the covid-19 pandemic. The mayor also hailed welfare organizations that are providing ration to the people but appealed them not to distribute essential commodities at roads but provide the people at their doorsteps. “Welfare organizations should also compile records of those who have been provided ration so as to ensure that more needy families get the ration,” he added.

He was of the view that there are over 550 Katchi Abadies in the city and thousands of people living over there cannot ask someone for ration due to their self-respect but we have to give them essential commodities as well, concluded the press release.


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