Coronavirus Persists while Dengue Upheaval Arriving

Coronavirus Persists while Dengue Upheaval Arriving

Section 144 imposed in Islamabad Capital Territory against accumulating of water in backdrop of dengue cases possibilities

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Section 144 of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) 1898 has been imposed in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) by the administration to prohibit any kind of fresh water in any form whatsoever and unauthorized display/storage of tyres by any person in the federal capital.

In the issued notification it was stated that it is a scientific fact that accumulated fresh water is a breeding ground for the virus that causes dengue fever. The discharge of water from houses into streets and roads, accumulation of fresh water in form of ponds without covers, running of fountains, standing water in plant pots, lawns and gardens inter alia (among the other things) carries the threat of exposing the population to mosquito borne diseases. Tyre shops with display of tyres outside and in open spaces or the storage of moist/uncovered tyres can also be a breeding spot for the virus. Moreover, it is the responsibility of administration of the mosques, private housing societies and market committee to ensure cleanliness and measures regarding non-accumulation of water at the premises under their administration.

These arrangements have been made by the ICT administration for the period of two months.

Last year from 8 July to 12 November, a total of 47,120 confirmed cases of dengue fever, including 75 deaths, were reported from the four provinces (KP, Punjab, Balochistan, and Sindh), Islamabad, and AJK.

From 6 August to 12 November 2019, a total of 12,986 confirmed cases of dengue fever, including 22 deaths were reported from eight major hospitals in Islamabad.

ICT Administration yet to announce strategy to tackle dengue fever outbreak

Where to get treatment for dengue fever patients?  Keeping in view the last year’s track record the menace of dengue is also posing serious threats to the citizens this year too.

However, strategy in this context is yet to be decided. It is unclear yet as how this challenge would be met in case dengue virus havoc resurfaces. This is pertinent to mention here that emergencies and OPDs of hospitals are closed in backdrop of treating patients affected with coronavirus.

The Deputy Commissioner (DC) Islamabad was asked a question by this scribe as what would be the strategy to tackle the possible outbreak of dengue fever as emergencies and OPDs of hospitals are closed. Moreover, Section 144 has been imposed in the city against accumulation of fresh water. However, this query was not answered till filing of the report.


Image of notification issued for imposition of section 144 against accumulation of water to avoid spread of dengue virus in ICT


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