Necromancy Knows No Bounds in Pakistan

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Committing of sorcery or witchcraft is common practice in Pakistan and reportedly it has far more serious implications and consequences on the victims than one may imagine.

It has far more grave presence over here, though many persons would believe and rate it as mere superstitious sort of thing which has no connection with the reality.

Ads of witchcraft may be witnessed in some publications and handbills while graffiti about it on the walls of every major city speaks itself loudly that it’s a serious business which also got a large clientele.

On October 3, 2017, the Senate panel on Interior approved a bill “The Prevention of Witchcraft Bill, 2017,” which was aiming to stop its practice in the country.

More recently Information Minister of Punjab, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan had revealed in the media that witchcraft or sorcery was being employed to damage him.

He was of the view out of blue, bones are being found scattered in his office and on being inquired his staff told him that it is witchcraft which is being used against him. Chohan was of the view as he took several actions against some mafias as provincial information minister so they were doing everything to hurt him by any mean.

It has also been a serious issue for some parliamentarians of Pakistan and in past a legislation was proposed to stop its practice in the country. On October 23, 2017 a private member bill was approved by Senate’s Standing Committee on Interior having titled as “The Prevention of Witchcraft Bill, 2017.

It was moved by Senator Chaudhary Tanvir. The bill stated that large number of witchcraft practices currently taking place throughout the country causing significant harm and exploitation of people especially in vulnerable sections of society. Practices such as Black Magic, Spells, ‘Sorcery, wizardry and other Sifli Amliyaat which are offensive to human dignity and life are widely prevalent these days. These sort of practices cause severe financial exploitation and mental agony for victims. Such practices have no place in a civilized society governed by the rule of law, maintained the bill.

This bill aimed to make the promotion, propagation or performance of witchcraft practices as criminal offence which may cause grave physical or mental harm to citizens of Pakistan. Stringent punishment to those guilty of such offences will ensure effective deterrence thereby preventing the recurrence of such practices, gradually leading to their eradication, further stated the bill. The chairman of the committee asked the Law Ministry to make rules in this context and vowed to ask the provinces to adjust the same bill.

The members of the panel asked for the word ‘Astana’ should be linked with witchcraft as the same word was also used for shrines as well. Some of them suggested replacing the word ‘Astana’ with Jadughar House.

This is pertinent to mention here that the word ‘Astana’ is used for sitting place of a ‘sufi’ or a spiritual leader where he teaches his followers how to purify their hearts.

Meanwhile according to Ilyas Jhandalvi who is sufi himself, Jadu or sorcery is an extremely dirty business which involves the help of evil forces to damage someone physically and mentally. According to him the person who commits witchcraft may longer be rated as a human being because he follows evil forces and fulfills their demands to hurt somebody by any mean.

While talking to Pak Chronicle on the subject he said to get help of ‘evil forces’ sorcerers provide sordid feed to these evil and invisible forces to make them comply orders to hurt somebody.

According to him witchcraft is an expensive thing but people do it as they are jealous to someone’s prosperity or they don’t want to see someone happy.

Citing symptoms of sorcery he said the victim continues to face issues with his or her memory and the victim’s shoulders badly ache.

Jandhalvi said the practitioner of witchcraft are compulsive adulterator and they needs hairs or used cloths of the persons against whom the ‘jadu’ is being committed. He said generally a bone of cow is also used to make this unpleasant thing may happen.

While talking about antidote it he said last two Surahs of Quran, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas are remedies for this evil practice. Moreover, he said reciting of Surah-e-Fatiha and Surah-e-Noor of Quran provide remedies against this evil deed.

Note: Ilyas Jhandalvi may also be contacted by emailing to Pak Chronicle to get answers for remedies and solutions against the witchcraft.


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