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What is Distance Learning?

The whole world has shifted its attitude toward online education. During quarantine, when everyone was forced to stay at home and education processes were hindered, online education was introduced. This system was inefficient in the beginning, however, as the idea caught on, the distance learning system flourished and became an actual way to receive formal education.

The most striking benefit that online learning has introduced is, giving education to those who can not appear in classrooms due to being employed, disabled, or just because they live far away. Distance learning has become a system that has been adapted by educational institutions around the globe because it can bridge most of the hurdles between aspiring students and their desired degrees.


Types of Distance Learning

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Online Education has opted for various study strategies that can facilitate different scenarios. It varies from video conferencing to self-study assignments.

  • Video Conferencing: This virtual learning method involves live or recorded lectures that students attend from remote locations. The lecture conveys the appointed knowledge to the students and they are given various exercises to imprint those concepts into their minds.
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning: This type of virtual learning involves all students learning together or not, and given assignments with deadlines. Students visit their study portal for practice material and perform self-studies.
  • Hybrid Learning: This is a mixture of virtual and physical education where some students are present in the classroom while others take lectures from remote locations.


Advantages of Online Learning over Traditional Education

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Online learning can bridge many educational barriers that traditional methods can not:-

  • Virtual Learning has a very flexible system, which can facilitate the study of employed students or students from different time zones around the globe.
  • Students who find it difficult to travel to campus each day can benefit from online education and study from remote locations.
  • The virtual learning portal is very easy to access, so students can study from their phones and even on the go.
  • Students can save a lot of time, money, and effort when they chose online education to complete their degrees.
  • The study schedule of your e-learning platform will make your education easier and you won’t have to cope with a divided, hectic schedule.


The Best Platform to Get Your Virtual Attorney Education

CLEBC is a renowned and valued virtual learning platform that has been recognized widely, specializing in students who look forward to conducting law research without having to join physical courses. CLE online has a library of cases and legislation that any law student might be looking for, to complete his courses.

CLE Online provides a wide variety of study perks:-

  • Online Practice Manual,

    which contains records of past cases and legislation, with full-text research and references to the material. These entire documents are in downloadable and editable formats and precedents.

  • On-Demand Courses,

    which combine all of your required CPD material into one single source.

  • Premium Access,

    to all of the BC case details since 1996, in expanded and compressed format. This benefits your practice even more.

  • Precedent Collection,

    offered to you to fasten your drafting process and provide you with regularly updated forms and precedents of all ranges of practice.

  • Online Course Materials,

    which will help you complete the information you are missing in your current work, in a wide variety of ownable formats.

  • Advocacy Toolkit,

    to help you complete your CPC credits at your own pace.


CLE Online will help you boost your CPD and ongoing attorney work, at your own pace and conditions.

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