Clay pots’ trend re-emerging

Citizens gradually switching from expensive crockery to cost effective earthenware

Pak Chronicle Report


The culture of clay pots is getting popularity amongst masses again as they are less expensive, health friendly and easy to find out in any city.

Nowadays common citizens seem to be switching their attention over to buy earthenware for drinking water, cooking and serving meals in them besides showcasing them in their homes. A food cooked in earthenware also enhance the taste of food besides keeping it warm for a while besides preserving it for longer duration of time without any refrigeration. The trend seems to be changing now from expensive crockery to earthenware and deepening its roots with the passage of every day in the society. A common trend may be observed everywhere of drinking water in cups of earthenware by some people. A sip of water from a clay pot cup would not only satisfy taste buds but it will also bring little sweet smell of earth to nostrils.

These clay pots are also being used to cook food in some reputed restaurants as customers themselves demand for it. However, serving food items in clay pots is yet to take place at the restaurants. As the trend is changing from expensive crockery to old and trusted earthenware it seems the food should also be served clay plates soon in restaurants. For the past many centuries and nowadays too earthenware are part of Langar khana of many Sufis’ shrines where visitors are served meals in clay pots. Langar Khana is a place in Dergah of Sufis where free food is distributed amongst the masses. This is the tradition which has its own significance and legacy.

Plastic dishes, plastic cups and other items like it made their presence felt over here which were unbreakable and cost effective but thanks to some scientific research some people don’t like having food in them on medical grounds.

Abdul Rahim sells varieties of earthenware on his pushcart and he has been into this business for the past one decade. Throughout the day he pushes his cart from one place to other but Raja Bazaar is his favourite place to sell his items because of its usual hustle and bustle in general days. More visitors mean more business but finding a place for his pushcart over there is the real issue. He resides near Waris Khan, and he is raising his two school-going children on the income which he generates through this business.

He told this correspondent that there are few items which are manufactured in Gujrat, Dera Nawab, which is a place near Pakpattan and in some other cities. Large pots are manufactured in Gujrat while small earthen pots, like cups, dishes and other small earthen items are made in Pakpattan.

The large clay dish got the retail price of Rs250 and same is the price of an earthen flower pot.  Small cups and dishes are sold at Rs20 for each piece. Depending on the size of pots the price may vary but all the items are within the range of common citizens and they can afford them easily.  Generally these pots are also painted with different colours and the beauty of which attracts buyers’ attention immediately.

Most of the times the pots which have been beautifully painted have higher price tag than the ones which don’t have on sort of painting.


Abdul Rahim along with his pushcart carrying clay pots

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