CCRAR’s Founder Panel Elected Unopposed

CCRAR’s Founder Panel Elected Unopposed

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The founder panel of Crime and Court Reporters Association Rawalpindi (CCRAR) has been elected unopposed in the annual body’s election which were held on Wednesday at the premises of the Rawalpindi Press Club.

The election Committee which was being supervised by the senior journalist Mehboob Sabir and consisting members including Salim Mumtaz Chaudhry and Wasim Chaudhry announced the results of the association and declared the founding panel as elected unopposed.

According to the announced election’s results no other group or any other member submitted nomination papers for any slot on the specified date and time for annual election of Crime and Court Reporters Association Rawalpindi also known  as CCRAR.

Moreover, no one submitted any objection against any of candidate of CCRAR’s founding panel. Therefore the election committee as per election schedule announced the elections’ results and declared the entire of founding panel as the winner unchallenged.

According to the election results Sajid Shaikh of the Founder Panel has been elected as the president of the journalists’ body. This is the second consecutive time that Shaikh has been elected as the president of the body.

Syed Shehryar has also been elected unopposed as the general secretary and Tahir Naseer Malik won the election unchallenged for the slot of the senior vice president.

Moreover, Saima Bhatti has been declared successful who had submitted nomination papers for the post of vice president. For the slot of Finance Secretary, Tahir Chaudhry was declared elected unchallenged and Dr Shaukat Chaudhry was announced as the senior joint secretary of CCRAR.

According the announced results Fawad Akhtar Khokar was declared elected on the seat of the joint secretary. Farhan Jafri and Khadim Butar has been elected unopposed as the secretary information and office secretary respectively.

Moreover, Muhammad Awais, Mudasar Naqvi, Fahad Altaf Raja, Waif Chaudhry and Nauman Asghar were declared unopposed members of the governing body.

Sajid Shaikh received the notification intimating the panel’s win in the election. The newly elected president of the panel Shaikh on this occasion vowed to continue to struggle for the welfare of the members of the association. He was of the view that all resources would be utilized and more steps would be taken for the wellbeing the members.

Afterwards Mehboob Sultan congratulated the newly elected office bearers and members of the governing body and expressed hope that they would do their best for the wellbeing of the members of the association.

Former presidents of the association Sadaqat Ali and Syed Qaisar Shairazi also felicitated the newly elected body and expressed best wishes for it.


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