CCPO Lahore steals media limelight for all wrong reasons

CCPO Lahore steals media limelight for all wrong reasons

CCPO Omar Shaikh blames the victim for Motorway rape incident

Pak Chronicle Report

Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore Omar Shaikh is getting into limelight for all the wrong reasons in the media nowadays especially in social media.

This time CCPO has blamed the Motorway rape incident on the victim in an interview on Thursday.

Speaking to a private news channel regarding the incident, the CCPO said that the woman, a mother of three, left her Defence residence at about 12:30am to travel to Gujranwala.

He added, “I am surprised by the fact that the woman was travelling alone on the Motorway at night. She should have taken the GT Road route which has population on both sides.”

The CCPO is being strongly criticized and condemned on social media for passing such a statement about the rape victim.

Shaikh also stated that the victim should have checked the fuel in her car before travelling as there is no petrol station on the Motorway.

On Wednesday a woman was allegedly gang raped during a robbery bid in Gujjarpura while travelling on the motorway.

The victim was travelling with her children in a car when the vehicle ran out of fuel. She called a relative and sent him her location on the Motorway.

The woman told police that she was waiting for the family to arrive to pick her and the children when two armed assailants allegedly attacked her.

According to media reports which quoted the police, a suspect hit the car with clubs and the other one held them hostage at gunpoint. The attackers then took her and the children to a nearby forested area where the victim claims they gang raped her. Later on, they robbed her of valuables and left her stranded.

Earlier CCPO Lahore came into limelight for allegedly passing sweeping remarks about Shoaib Dastgir who was Inspector General of Police of Punjab.

It is alleged that he had passed some comments about Dastgir while talking to a few police officers on his first day at the office. This led to prompt IG to approach the prime minister and the chief minister and he refused to work under such circumstances where chain of command of the police force is being compromised. Later he was removed from the post and Inam Ghani was appointed as IGP Punjab.

Meanwhile, this has been learnt that at least 12 men have been taken into custody over their suspected involvement in the rape.


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