Bushra Bibi’s sister got a strong connection with the Jewish lobby: Khawar Manika

Bushra Bibi’s sister got a strong connection with the Jewish lobby: Khawar Manika

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Former first lady of Pakistan Bushra Bibi’s ex-husband, Khawar Farid Manika has alleged that Maryam Riaz Watto who is the sister of Bushra Bibi has strong Jewish connections.

According to a petition which has been filed by Khawar Manika in the court of Senior Civil Judge-II East Islamabad Qutrat Ullah, Imran Khan was introduced with Bushra Bibi by Maryam Watto.

He levelled allegation against her that according to his assessment Maryam Riaz Watto has strong connection with the Jewish lobby.

According to the content of the plea filed in the court by Manika, actually it was Maryam Watto who had introduced the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan with Bushra Bibi.

He has maintained that during the prolonged sit-in of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) in Islamabad in 2014, Maryam Watto had introduced Imran Khan with Bushra Bibi and a few years later both had tied the knot.

Moreover, he also openly levelled an allegation against Imran Khan for having illicit affair with Bushra Bibi when she was Manika’s wife. He is of the view that in his absence Imran Khan used to pay visit to his home to meet Bushra Bibi.

Bushra Bibi’s ex-husband Khawar Manika’s took this decision of filing the petition against Imran Khan and others after being interviewed by Shahzaib Khanzada on Geo TV. In this interview he had leveled very serious allegations against Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi.

According to the petition filed in the court, Manika is of the view that Imran Khan Niazi seduced his wife Bushra Manika.

It maintained that Imran Khan had illicit relations with her and married her during the period of the Iddat. He maintained that his life was ruined during this process.

Khawar Manika requested the court to punish Bushra Bibi and former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Mufti Saeed, Aoon Chaudhry and Muhammad Latif (servant) are among the witnesses in the case.

He also raised question in this case over Zulfi Bukhari’s visits to his home in his absence.

Recently former premier of Pakistan, Imran Khan has been in focus of the mainstream media due to all the wrong reasons.

A former model and actresses Hajra Khan has also levelled serious allegations against Imran Khan and questioned his personality on the moral grounds in her memoir.

In her recently launched book, Where the Opium Grows’ she described the former premier as a liar and a wicked person.

She in her book also talked about alleged sexual issues of Imran Khan which are not acceptable in any society besides levelling other serious allegations.

Imran Khan has been in a prison in Rawalpindi for the past three and half months where he is facing multiple cases of different nature.





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