Building of a primary school in Malihar, Diplo about to collapse

Building of a primary school in Malihar, Diplo about to collapse


All talk about of the factor of poverty in Tharparkar but rarely someone is going to address the issues being faced by the dwellers.

The building of a government primary school in Malihar, Diplo is in deplorable condition which may collapse anytime and as the students of this school got no other shelter elsewhere to get education so they are getting the schooling under the shade of some  trees.

Milhar is a small village situated in Diplo which is a taluka of District Tharparkar.

Most of the residents of the village are living below the line of poverty and they got no other option but to send their children to this school. As the building is in dreadful condition so the teachers have started teaching these students under the shade of a few trees.

As is visible in the picture provided in the blog, the teachers place chair for them under the shade of the trees and ask the students to sit on ground. Even chitai mates are not available for these innocent young children.

The primary school of Malihar is a co-education institute where both girls and boys are supposed to get education under unprotected environment.

This is reliably learnt even teachers don’t pay visit to this school on the scheduled timing and it’s their own choice as when to commence teaching in the school and when to end it.

This school building consists of three rooms and bricks of it have started falling apart in rapid successions.

There exists a School Management Committee SMC (SMC) as well for this school and the fund of which is also provided to its management, it is has been learnt, but no one knows where this fund is spent. At least it’s not spent of repairing or maintenances of the building. According to reliably sources in the village, the school management has been pursuing the matter of repairing of the school’s building with high ups in the education department in the district but no action has been taken yet so far from any quarter.

Meanwhile the scenery in the area is presenting a remarkable view due to courtesy of recent downpours. Rains are rare phenomenon in Tharparkar but whenever it rains, it changes the view of the area altogether.




Bricks of school building are falling apart and attention of authorities concerned is required to take action into this effect



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