Brewing tea in Garrison Town

Brewing tea in Garrison Town

]By our correspondent

Rawalpindi. January 29, 2019: Although tea is not the local produce of Pakistan but it has become almost a national drink of the country. People from Karachi to Kashmir like to have tea at least twice in a day.

There are places which are known for their unique taste of tea and Muhammad Naeem’s tea stall is amongst those spots which have developed reputation for its taste amongst the people who work around his tea stall or live in nearby places.

Naeem has established his ‘tea stall’ at the Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi, just little far from the metro station. Steel stairs of Faizan Palaza would lead the visitors to the tea stall on the first floor of the building. The tea stall has been setup in a small cubical small room which may accommodate only four or five visitors at the same time.

However, the stall’s owner has also placed a few more chairs in the corridor and one may also get his cup of tea from the stall and enjoy it while sipping and standing anywhere close to the tea stall.

One would always get fresh tea from this stall no matter what time of the day it is. A lot of small kettles and cups can be viewed hanging on the only window of the stall. This view also appeals the visitor.

The tea is brewed for longer period of time to make its taste ‘strong’ and afterwards ‘malai’ or ‘balaai’ (cream of milk) is added to the tea to make it more  tasty. Single sip of the tea would reveal that both milk and tea are genuine and not result of some chemical reaction.

Generally one has to search a lot to get pure milk in Rawalpindi. Most of the milk sellers do trick and sell something which look like milk but it is not milk. However, this is not the case with Naeem. His supply of milk is pure and the taste of his tea is unique which forces the visitors to visit the tea stall again and again.

“It took ages to build reputation of my tea stall. I had setup it some 20 years ago and tried my level best to give the best tea to the customers. This tea stall is not merely a tea stall, it actually is my life,” Naeem stated while answering to a query of this correspondent.

Almost every week or a month a new tea stall is opened in Rawalpindi due to courtesy of Quettawall. The chain of tea stalls of Quettawall seems to be everywhere in Rawalpindi which are known for their  classic recipe of brewing tea but Naeem has no fear of them because he believes that he business would continue to flourish due to his commitment and dedication.





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