Sanity Prevails Over Blades

Barbers take measures to avoid spread of communicable diseases

Pak Chronicle Report


Barbers in Pakistan especially of urban background strangely and amazingly were amongst those segments of the society who adopted measures to avoid spread of communicable diseases.

Use of infected razor for shaving or hairdressing purposes may also be a major cause of spread of transmissible diseases like HIV, Aids, hepatitis- c and others. However, barbers in Pakistan responded positively to the awareness campaign that razors may also transmit these deadly diseases. Couple of decades ago they started using new razors or blades for shaving or dressing someone’s hair.

Generally people associated with haircutting profession are not very much educated but over the years they have proved that one does not require to be highly educated for responding positively to a noble cause. Spending little bit extra money on new blades isn’t a big deal to avoid serious diseases.

Besides avoiding used razor they have also been using anti-germs solution, mostly Dettol to sanitize their tools specially shaving brushes and others.

Ghulam Ali, 45 years old hairdresser owns his own shop which is located in Arya Mohallah, Rawalpindi. Despite the fact that he runs his barbershop in humble locality of the garrison town, he got a repute of being one of the best in the town in the profession. He has spent around 30 years in the field of hairdressing and his clientele include known personalities of the country including former Prime Minister, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and some others.

Besides having extraordinary skills in haircutting, he is also very careful when it comes to dealing with hygiene issues at his shop. He keeps his tools clean and sanitize them on regular basis with anti-germs solution.

While talking with Pak Chronicle over the matter of communicable diseases and use of razors he said when he entered into the field of haircutting as apprentice fewer barbers had any idea as how dangerous used razors may be for one’s health.

“In old days the barber used to sharpen his razor against leather tough surface before making haircut or shaving. However, things have rapidly changed when phenomenon of HIV Aids surfaced and customers started requesting barbers to use of new blades for their shaving or haircut,” he said.

He learnt the art of making haircut from his late uncle who was also amongst the best barbers in the area. It was basically his uncle who told him the importance of use of new blades for doing the business.

According to him in old days his customers used to insist for using new blade for their haircut. However, nowadays no one ask him to do so because they know well that always new blades are used for their haircut or shave.

Whenever there is demand of razor during haircutting, he would divide a blade into two parts in front of the customers, or show him unused single part of it covered with wrapping. Afterwards he will put one part of new blade into the razor handle and sanitize it too with anti-germs solution before its use. This job is done very smoothly within time span of a few seconds and communicable-diseases-free-haircut or shave is made.


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