Anila Talib publishes a unique collection of prose Hikus

Anila Talib publishes a unique collection of prose Hikus

Anila Talib describes her collection as a creation of ‘aazaad mumaasil behr’

By Zaib Azkaar Hussain


Syeda AnilaTalib Bukhari whose pen name is Anila Talib has published a collection of unique prose Hikus titled ‘Chhu Lo A’asmaan’.

Hiku is a Japanese poetic genre which has been owned and experienced by a large number of poets across the world.

In urdu, the same format of poetry has also been adopted by a number of poets as a medium of their poetic expression. Many senior poets preferred to follow the actual metre and certain concepts and subjects set by the Japanese greats in poetry.

However in other cases, some of the poets deviated from the past trends in creating Hikus. Anila Talib is among the same young students of literature attempting experiencing a rather different but innovative way to present her Hikus in the present times.

Interesting is her view on metre as she terms it equal to ‘a’azaad mumaasil hiku’ and with regard to her content she declares that she has not followed certain standards and limitations to this effect.

Most of her lines seem as prose poetry in Hiku genre in Urdu. Perhaps this was for the first time that a young student of literature Anila Talib experienced such a different way to express her feelings and observations.

Let me say that she has employed her creative skills to depict her thoughts and views in words on many topics.

Her topics and feelings revolve around dignity of mankind, love, sacrifices, mysticism, education, struggle, dreams and wise objectives of life.

In her preface she threw light on the history of literature in terms of Hiku and no doubt that has accurate knowledge and perception that justifies her edge and courage to experience differently in the wake of Hiku in Urdu poetry.

How interesting is that she has perceived messages from historical events, Karbala tragedy, and other deeds done by great reformers, and also sacrifices made by great prophets and other great spiritual personalities.

AnilaTalib also derived experiences and observations from different books. She also got inspired by her teachers and made all this an impressive part of her prose poetry in Hiku poetry.

One can term her as a pioneer of her own genre in Urdu Hiku as at the first blush these Hikus seem to be free verse poetry but on a thorough examination, these seem to be prose Hikus of their own kind.


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