Alleged Rapists Killed in Police Encounter in Faisalabad

Alleged Rapists Killed in Police Encounter in Faisalabad

Pak Chronicle Report


Four accused have been killed in police encounter in Faisalabad in the jurisdiction of Saddar Police Station.

Two accused were arrested by the police a couple of days ago under the charges of raping and killing an adolescent boy.

The 13-year-old Zain was raped and later his body was incinerated by the accused after murder.

According to the police they were taking the accused Sajjad and Allah Ditta to recover the weapons. Near the bypass, more than eight armed men opened fire on the police party to rescue the arrested accused from the police.

The police stated that four suspects were killed in the incident. The dead includes two assailants and two arrested suspects. The assailants who were killed were also wanted by the police in cases of robbery and other serious crimes.

According to a police official, Zain, a 13 years old teenager was raped and murdered by these monsters two days ago. Faisalabad Police captured the culprits forthwith. Today six to eight armed accomplices of the rapists tried to snatch them from police custody. Allah helped us, rapists and two of the accomplices died in crossfire


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