Aliza Sehar in limelight due to alleged viral video of her


Aliza Sehar has become a top trend in Pakistan on social media platforms and she is in the limelight again but due to all the wrong reasons.
An alleged leaked video of her on social media media platforms is taking rounds and netcitizens are making comments on it.
The social media sensation, Alizay Sehar, or Aliza Sehar has a massive following on Instagram, TikTok, etc.

aliza sehar leak video
Recently an alleged video of her got viral on the Internet in which she could be seen in a compromised position.
She is talking to somebody on the cell phone and she exposes her private parts during this process.
There’s yet to be leant about the authenticity of this video and her reaction to it is also being awaited.
She is believed to be a resident of Hasilpur, Punjab and most of the initial work of her on social media had based on rural life in Punjab.
Initially, she used to upload videos on YouTube and later she switched her area of expertise to Tiktok.
After gaining fame, reportedly she built a brilliant home for herself in her native area.
There are also unconfirmed reports that after the release of her video, she got much upset and currently she is hospitalized due to medical reasons.

aliza sehar leak video
However, there are some net citizens who believe that releasing such news about her health is an attempt to get more followers and fame. These are unconfirmed reports and a proper investigation is needed to establish the facts pertaining to these rumours

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