A Posture of Degeneration in Society

A Posture of Degeneration in Society
By Zaib Azkaar Hussain
A woman approached a court of law in Multan and and made a shocking disclosure that she along wither her eight children had to face two year illegal detention by her husband.
According to poor woman Fatima Bibi, her husband Muhammad Arshad had kept her and her eight children in illegal detention at the home. The suspected cruel man had declared his house as a confinement camp in the case of his wife and eight children. Ironically, the accused used to torture Fatima Bibi and her children in a manner that they never tried to disobey and run away from the home. The accused (Arshad) had been threatening his wife and children to kill them if they tried to move from the house. Due to the fear of being murdered, no one dared to rescue the poor woman and eight innocent children. These were some brothers of woman and maternal uncles of eight kids who dared to move a complaint to the Shah Shams police station. The police as raided the house, the coward accused (who ruled the home and tortured his wife and eight children for two years) fled away. The dejected woman later approached the District and Sessions Court concerned and told her awful story of illegal detention. She prayed to hand her children over to her and also payment of compensation against the great loss she faced at the hands of her husband. and conduct a trail against her human right violator husband (Arshad). She expressed her fear that she could be killed by Arshad if he was not arrested. On the other hand Arshad who is in hiding has moved his interim bail (bail before arrest) application on the grounds that he was innocent. The bail plea has been fixed for July 5.

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