A girl cuts off her harasser’s genitals in Jaranwala

A girl cuts off her harasser’s genitals in Jaranwala

Pak Chronicle Report

A woman has cut off genitals of man in Jaranwala, Faisalabad who allegedly attempted to rape her.

According to some media reports a 30-year old man who was armed with a knife tried to rape a 24 years girl in Jaranwala on January 30.

The girl when found an opportunity snatched his knife and cut off his genitals with it. The man reportedly had barged into her house for this purpose.

After this treatment he rushed out of the house while screaming in pain.

An FIR under section 376 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) has been registered against the accused while no section has been registered against him of attempting of rape and giving threats of life.

The FIR into the case has been registered at the Police Station City Jaranwala in which the girl’s father is the complainant.

According the police the accused is in custody of the police and being treated at the hospital. However, according to it the accused has denied the allegations levelled against him in his initial statement.




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