A few markets in Karachi decide to do business in daytime only

A few markets in Karachi decide to do business in daytime only

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In past the government couldn’t implement its orders to open markets in major cities early in the morning and to shut them after evening but a few markets in Karachi of their own decided to keep their shops open in daylight and close them accordingly after sunset.

Most of shops/markets in Pakistan in major cities of Pakistan start doing business when it is almost noon and shut it during late evening and in many cases till it is midnight.

However, there are traders in Karachi who have decided to break this tradition which besides generating other issues also consume a lot of electricity which is already short in the country.

Situated at Marriott Road, Hafiz Islam Market in Karachi is amongst the pioneer behind the idea to do business in daytime only.

Hafiz Islam Market recently had decided to open its business at 8:30 in the morning and to close it by 6:30 in the evening.

This is pertinent to mention here that other markets in this and other areas of Karachi start functioning very late and most of them start doing business at midday.

Chairman Traders Association Marriott Road, Muhammad Ahmad Shamsi has appealed to the traders to support him in this campaign and do business as others do in the world.

According to him in this way the traders would be able to give time to their families and play an active role in social affairs.

Moreover, Aram Bagh Traders Association in a handout also decided to open the market at 9:30am and to shut it close at 6:30pm from February 10 to onwards.

It also asked the traders to support this initiative and make the campaign of early opening of shops successful besides closing them in evening as decided by the members of the association.





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